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Tillamook Jetty Fishing- Help needed

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Well I finally got the new truck and camper so I thought we would head to Barview for the weekend...
Can anyone give me advise on fishing from the North jetty??
Am I limited to rock fish or can I throw some herring and hope for the best?
ANY ADVISE is greatly appriciated.

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we will be at Bar View as well. ill keep an Eye out for ya. Im in a Red and Tan Mitsubishi Montero. Ill have a chocolate and Yellow lab with me. My son and girlfriend will also be there. Maybe we can swap tips and catch a few fish. We will be renting a boat in Garibaldi. hopefully we can get into some crab Saturday.

The rockfishing should be good for greenling, cabezon, sea bass/perch, and possibly ling cod (24 inches or better only). Use fresh sand shrimp or plastic jigs on lead heads in greean and silver with 4 oz lead(check with the bait store up the road). You don't have to be out on the rough jetty when the wind is driving either, as the rock fish are back in the bay on the south side of the jetty as well.

Good luck.
Forgot to mention that if you can pickup a clam gun, you can pump out your own sandshrimp after the outgoing in the tide pools as well. It's kinda fun and you don't have to pay for bait.
And don't forget the mininum size limit on cabezon this year. 15"
You'll find quite a bit of info on BOE's "4/12/03 Jetty fishing open invitation" thread.


some questions on how to fish the jig and bait.

Do I want to be plunking the bait or should I use a bobber to suspend the bait?

Jig, I have never used on the coat. Should I use a bobber and jig set up or toss out the jig and work it like you would any other jig?

i have caught many perch in my day but thats it for bank fishing. My son is flying in tomorrow for his summer break and id really like to get him hooked into some fish. At 13 its hard to hold his interest in fishing when they are not biting. We plan to rent a boat and do some crabbing as well. He seems to love that.

thanks in advance.


No float is needed for the jig or bait; you want the bait sitting at the bottom. You can slowly reel the jig in after casting to provide action or just let the tide move it at the bottom. Make sure you have a lot of hardware as there are plenty of snags out there.

The crabbing is not too bad, but there are a lot of females right now. Good luck to you.
Thanks everyone for some great advice....

DepoeDan... you da man. Sounds like you do all the time.
The link you sent, made me mad I missed out on the last get together at Barview... :depressed: I won't miss the next one.
Thanks again all :cheers:

Stop by and see Marie at Tillamook Bait on the way for good advice and fresh sand shrimp. She's just a short ways off Hwy 101 (1/4 mi ?) on Wilson River Loop (just before you get to the railroad tracks) - go East at the light by Fred Meyer on the North end of town.
I'll give this a try and i'll be sure to bring lots of gear. Thanks for the tips.

I am definitly stopping in at Tillamook Bait. Id like to meet Marie is she is in.
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