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just in case you were curious what the bar is looking like here are a few shots from this morning.

this is the bar:

north side of the north jetty where the pelicans and seagulls were working hard:

I saw one of the local successful charter boats trolling in quite close...around 60 ft depth or so this morning hmmmm. the boats that i could see through the binos looked like they were bobbing around quite a bit but it was doable. be advised that this weekend is Garibaldi Days and they have all sorts of activities around Garibaldi going on including a parade that ties up traffic on 101 to a crawl around 10 or so on Saturday. you should be fine if you are launching early-early am and retreiving mid-late afternoon.....just an FYI

with any luck i should be whacking them on Saturday too.:smash::smash:
tight lines
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