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This weekends mallards

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Had a great weekend with some new birds starting to show up. Both hunts were on Sauvie with all mallard limits. Bluebird days with greenheads coasting into the decoys dont get any better. Hope everyone is having a great season.

" shoot em with their feet down "
Eric Strand
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Eric you are a SLAYER!!! :applause: :applause:

Great pics...except they are too big :whazzup: :laugh: :laugh:.

Nice couple of hunts buddy!

How can I make my pics smaller??

" Shoot em with their feet down "
Eric Strand
wow those are some great hunts. those rare days when the weather is nice and the birds are flyin are some of the best. i love it when the sun is shinning on a big old green head, there ain't much better in the world then that. :cheers: :dance:
your freaking killing me, Great Job :bowdown:
Is that Diesel and Hank? Ya gotta love those poster size pics..... after ya down load your pics go in and edit them... and then go to image and go to stretch/skew and change the size %... thats one way but you should be able to change something in your camera also
Yes indeed.. Awesome pics but rather large. Size em up. I just love the lab/mallard picture....

Good Job Neighbor!
Nice pics!! I am pretty sure I spent Saturday in the blind you made, the one in the location of the first picture. Cody
:smash: way to pound'em
Eric PM me I can explain it to you about making them smaller.

Neff, If you could let me know how to make the pics smaller that would be great.

Lonnie, Yep, thats Hank and Diesel.

" Shoot em with their feet down "
Eric Strand
nice one..just got back about 2 hours ago from shooting 2 limits of ducks. 11 mallards 2 widgeon 1 pintail.

pics on the way..as soon as my partner emails them to me.
Sent you a PM Eric

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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