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With the sun coming out and the water heating up after the weeks of rain. The big bass will be hitting! First thing you will need to do is find out how deep the fish are. So starting out fishing the west pilings (this is a great way to help locate the bass). Remember you need to slow down your presentation. Also remember that the bass will be looking for warm water. So SOME the the canals could be good. Silver have lots of very shallow water, this water gets warm fast (and cold). A good canal to try is John's canal (north west part of the lake). Shallow rocks should be good (but if the fish have made there move to deeper water you will not find many. If the bass have moved deeper try docks and log booms in or near deeper water. The bass this time of year will hit early and could really start hitting in the afternoon. Some lures that are good late fall: twin tail grubs, bigger senko and jigs. In the after noon spinner baits and crank baits are a good choise. So a good place to try in the after noon is sucker creek canal and timber point (try right next to the logs!). Also hemlock creek is a great fall location (EARLY!)
Get out there and land the biggest bass of your life!Roger
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