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The chronicles continue....

With the warming water temp, 62 yesterday. The rogue has slowed down. For me at least. I have officially given up on the springers. I told myself in the beginning of the season that I would'nt fish for them. I lied! Until now I've prayed wished hoped and most of all fished my behind off for them. No avail. I quit!

Steelhead were nicer to me this week I landed (and released) a native buck of about 11lbs. It was a downstreamer I think but he still fought like the best of em'. He fell to the pink worm (hey look it works down there too). That was on tuesday morning. I did some job looking which drastically cut into my river time , but no job no money no money no fishing

I also continued my search for trout with the ultra light and spinners. I did better that last week that's for sure, all in all nine trout for about six hours all between 8''-13''. This was up until yesterday evening. I'd been fishing every color spinner that you can imagine. And done ok. However I was beginning the pools with the LBS. It got me 3 of the 9. Then I was about to go home and decided I'll make five more casts with the little black spinner and then call it a day. Cast #2 I left the bail open for a bit longer and fed it line trying to make it run a bit deeper. as soon as I tripped the bail BLAMMO!!! And were off! Ten minutes later I released the prettiest, fattest and longest rainbow I'd ever laid hands on...21''. I suppose under the regs it's considered a steelhead, but she was deep red and fat as a football for sure a rainbow. It was a native, (you can keep native steelies there) but as I said she swam away. It fought harder that a 6lb. hatchery steelhead from the sandy! I swear!! I landed it with four pound test mainline and maxima 3lb test leader. Definately a personal best.
So the total was ten trout I lied again.
I'm b e g i n n i n g to get the hang of it down there slowly but surely. I literally can't wait till fall nooks and winter steelies.


P.S. is it worth going over to bradford Island and shad fishing? Even on the Rogue I can't catch 50 3 lb fish in an hour...I need a shad fix!!

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You are no longer able to keep wild Steelhead on the Rogue.

That is for winter fish only and I believe the rule change takes place the end of March.

You're right, with the river heating up the Springers are pretty much done biting. Lots of snagging taking place up at the hatchery hole and at Savage Rapdids Dam.

You can go to the Umpqua and catch lots of Shad or if you are energetic, the Rogue gets a small run up as far as Rainie Falls. It's a nice hike in but very warm walking out!
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