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I hate to part with this (many good camping breakfast memories), but I got a new campstove as a gift and I don't need both. Here is a pic of the unit:

This has a hose to hook to a full-sized propane tank (not the little green bottles), and can be 1/2 grill and 1/2 griddle, or all griddle. There are levels built in and leveling blocks that go under the legs so that your pancakes don't slide off. Here's a link to a new one on the internet if you want to look up specs:
I don't know what to ask for it... $100 obo? Heck, first $75 takes it! Imagine the great Bouy 10 camping breakfasts you can make... cakes and eggs on the griddle, bacon and sausage on the grill...

Located in SW Portland.
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