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I doubt I could keep it a secret for very long, so here it is...

After banging around on the ocean until 2 or so today scratching out fish here and there, we bagged it because the sheep were starting to appear. We had a lot of short bites, long line releases, and our share of native turnbacks to have five out of eight fish in the box.

When we motored passed ten there was a boat with a fish on. We dropped in our gear, I turned to check if they had netted theirs, and turned back to see my rod double. (I was using a Squidy Mangler with a herring head!) BUT, having not taken the time to switch to barbed hooks, he popped off just off the transom.

Shortly later we bagged another nice silver. There were maybe two other boats working the area, and we hooked at least five fish between us, that I saw in less than an hour. However, after the first flurry, the bite shut off. So, I don't know how many, or how consistently, but there are a few silvers at the mouth now. I daresay it's worth fishing. TOC.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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