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Today the Wilson is running about 6.3, and a beautiful steelhead green.
It's a little high for my likings, but we still found some fish here and there.

To start things off, we were poking around the slower eddies and backwater, where we figured the fish would be, out of the main current.

We tried to fish where others weren't fishing so hard.

It paid off, First Cast Jigs in pink and white got me a 20 pound CHROME BRIGHT chinook! It was a beautiful fish, but darnit anyway! I'm TIRED of chinook! I want steel!!!! After playing the fish and letting her go, the Owner hook on the jig was still perfect and ready to fish again.

It nearly busted my 1143. I couldn't get her to come off the bottom. Finally, released, we were off to steelier waters. :smile:

Needed quite a bit of weight (as in lead, rather than slinkies) in this water to drift. I had a chunk on, when we got to Duykes (sp) and I was just lightly bouncing the bottom.

We found a slot, as it wasn't too busy, and played for a while. We just did a short drift from The Guide Shop to Donaldsons. It was a good thing, too, as the weather was cold, rainy, very windy and nasty!

Funny, I didn't freeze out before Bill! I LOVE my Exotherms! :smile:

Anyhow, ended up that I caught a nice steelie, but someone in front of me, downstream, was anchored a bit odd, with two anchors out, and my fish got all messed up in their ropes. Lost it.

Bill got a nice 10 pound buck before we ended up pulling anchor and heading out.

Were going to fish a bit, before taking out, but all the good holes were plugged.

That was fun, though! I needed that! -- and yes, my arm is sore from playing that chinook!
I couldn't BELIEVE how chrome she was. A little poofy in the tummy- figured she'd lose her eggs in 10 days or less.

We saw lots of fun people on the river today that we knew. One of those local fishing guide days. :smile: Fun!

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