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Went down the Wilson from the Guide Shop today, just for a boat ride and some kicks, and I did get a couple kicks!

Both, on a bright pink (girls colors) Brad's Wee Wiggler.

One, a slightly darkish broodstock hen, and the other, a chrome bright beautiful broodstock fish that waved once at me, flew high in the air, and... well, I hate to know what he/she did then, but she/he was gone in a flash!


Thing is, I had my rod in the holder, and Bill's plug stopped working. He thought I had drifted into him, so he asked if I'd jerk on mine, so that we'd see if we were attached. Nope! Not attached but... wo wo woooooooooooo! What's that?!?! A FISH hit right then, while in my hands. I LOVE THAT!!!!

I held incredibly still until I was SURE it was on and then set the hhhhh.... I mean, I set free the hook! It was a hoot to see it spin through the air, though!

Anyway, fun times... It was sure nice to feel a fish for a change!

Low water, not many fish in the river.. I think it'll be our last steelie trip until summers.

It's almost time for those early springers on the coast! From what you have read here, you know that a few have been caught. We still wait until May 10th, or so, to fish seriously for them, here.

Maybe I shouldn't wait though? :smile:

That big one caught yesterday sure has my attention!


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Glad you had a couple on. Stopped by Old Mill marina and Garibaldi marina on Saturday afternoon after the Tillamook Tour and heard of a springer caught at both places.

A little reminder to some, Old mill marina is going to be open this year and managed by Terry who managed it 4 or 5 years ago or so.

Stayed at Jeff's (Barviewrocks) house there in barview and took him out fishing the jetty on Sunday and lost two Ling's. One was about 26"-28". Should have had that one. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

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