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Just got home last night (wife fell Monday morning and ended up with stitches in her head, but is all right) from my hunt with Brian Maguire.
I left him in the Steens unit with enough ice and water and food to last him through the week. He's holding out for a return match on the 15-incher he missed opening morning.

I didn't fire a shot Saturday, but thought seriously about trying for "Weirdo," about a 14-15 incher with both horns going straight out over his eyes (instead of up).

Sunday morning my grandson, Tyler Grant, and I sat near a water hole Brian and I scouted three weeks ago.

At that time, I was prowling around a hillside and got close enough to take this photo:

His horns were splayed so widely, I called him the Victory ("V") buck. I wasn't sure I wanted one like that, but he looked pretty cool.

Sunday morning, Tyler and I watched wild horses, had a badger come close (don't recall ever seeing one outside its burrow before)

and were about to get up and roam around (I was bored) when Brian motioned from the other side of a burn for me to get down.

I didn't know why, but looked up on the ridge I'd taken the Victory buck's photo a few weeks ago and there were a few does and a small buck coming and going at the crest.

A movement across the draw caught my eye and I put up binocs to see a buck coming. When he got closer, he was in and out of the brush and I couldn't take the shot, but did see his horns were wide. I thought it might be the same buck we'd been seeing (Tyler and his uncle Jarod saw him opening morning, but I didn't; Brian also has a fuzzier photo from three weeks ago).

Then there he was, in the open...106 yards. I shot, he took off like a bullet for about 30 yards, then stopped and fell over.

It was the same buck! Missing its right prong, which doesn't show as much in my before-photo (tip of the ear is deceiving at first) as it does in Brian's. David Boys Jr. took it in at the Hines taxidermy stand (not a member, so can't name it). That was a very special moment for us both since his dad was so close a friend and so well-known for his antelope. We both looked at the laptop and compared facial features, angles and the horns...Gotta be the same buck.

Only a 13-incher, but Tyler and I were tickled about it.

Brian's still out there and said he'll stay till the end of the week if necessary.

Sure hope to add his to this thread!

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Thanks Bill I was wondering how you guys were doing good story and a unique buck, plus family memories cool.:cheers: I hope that your wife is ok...

Good job Bill..I think he is awesome..:cheers:

Antelope hunting is a Blast...I can't wait to do it again...:pray:

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Thanks for the story and pictures. Nice antelope.

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Great read Bill,

Victory is yours! :)

Glad to see the photo of 2 hunters of totally different generations, united over a Victory they could share together.

That is where it hits me in the "breadbox". I think that is really what hunting has become to me over the last few years.

It used to be about anchoring a limit.

anymore, I'm happy to get out and give it a go, let the hounds run the hills, and Shoot and Miss, or hit... Either way I am glad to be there.

It is the days I spend with my friends (young and old) That I remember more than anything else.

Hope your buddy doesnt run out of ice... Lucky it has cooled down this week.


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Congrats! That is neat that you got the same buck you have photo's of before. Glad to hear you got to experience it with your grandson.


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Great hunt Bill. :cheers:

had a badger come close (don't recall ever seeing one outside its burrow before)

Badgers=bad ju ju.

They don't like me.

I'm suprised you survived taking a picture of that evil beast!!!

Congrats on the hunt.

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Way to go Bill.:food::food::food::cheers:
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