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For me it's as simple as this;

I'm not ashamed that I'm the top predator in the food chain.

That's great that the experience is better for you knowing that lots of wolves and cougars are somewhere in the woods around you, but wolves and cougars don't pay the DFW's bills. They create them, along with reducing the amount of sellable product (elk tags, deer tags, moose tags, etc.) the DFW's do have.

While I certainly have a significant appreciation for scientific data, I'm also a strong believer in two points;

1.) There is no such thing as unbiased science
2.) More often than not the simplest answer is the right answer.

I've hunted at least one of ID-MT-WY every year for over 20 years(since before re-introduction), and most years it was two of those states. 95% of those hunts were near ground zero or within 50 miles of it. I just don't need a study to tell me what my eyes have seen and what my friends that live there have witnessed.

Anyone with a little common sense can figure out why there's so much information floating around about why it's not the wolves fault...

The perplexing thing about this whole deal is how the DFW's couldn't see this would eventually cut their own funding throat? Then again, this is America in the 21st century. The agencies want what they want, and they're gonna get it right now, regardless of what it costs. Besides, someone else will pay for it, right?

More often than not the simplest answer...

You left the track on number 2, says who you?

Seldom if ever, do complex problems have simple answers that fit on a bumper sticker.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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