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I was asked to share this with you. I didn't know Jim, but he sounds like a heck of a guy. :depressed:

Name: Bill Sheppard

Comment: Jennie, I first wrote to you after I meet you and Bill on the Kilchis tide water in the fall of 2000? while fishing with my dog Belik(a black lab), in my green drift boat. If you remeber we had a short coversation regarding your late dog and how Belik reminded you of fishing with your dog. I then E-mailed you some short story's of my fishing adventures on the K (Steelheading)etc. Since that time I have moved back to Colorado and started a fly shop and guide service in Ridgway Co. I still make it back to Oregon to guide in the fall on the lower Deschutes and then for fun fishing in tillamook late oct. first week of nov. Last fall I had the oppertunity to meet and fish with Jim Newvine. Over the course of three weeks we had some out standing sucess. Jim always new where the hogs were and boy could he out fish us all with his special eggs under the clown(the nic name for his favorite bober). James Patrick Newvine (newt) grew up on the Trask and loved fishing mor!
e than most of us can ever appreciate. It is with great sadness that I bring this news, Jim passed away on the 21st of april, he was only 40 years old. Jim had an enlarged heart condition and this put him at great risk for heart failure. There was a service for jim at Trask River park and his ashes were spread by airplane over the head waters of the trask River at his request. It will not be the same this fall with out Jim and his great laugh, the sound of his hook sets, the sly smile he would flash as he would let the umpteenth salmon go while we tried to just hook our first one of the day. Boy will he be missed. I hope he is in a better place. Fishing and the fish have all lost a great friend.
It would be very nice if you could post something in his memory, I will recieve a photo of Jim in the next week or so that has him holding the very last fish he landed(on the Wilson), if you would like I will E-mial it to you when I recieve it, he was born on May 9th 1962 may he rest in peace.
Tight Lines, Bill Sheppard
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