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THE ONLY Measure 114 related discussion thread

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This is where all related topics regarding Measure 114 will take place. If you start a thread elsewhere it will not be moved here, it will be removed. We are having to babysit and deal with too many threads on this subject, so to have it all in one place it will be more manageable. Please adhere to the AUP. We know the topic is political, but it's important to our recreational choices as hunters and fishermen. This means keep it civil and on topic.
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When targeting Coyotes ONLY, can you use over a 5 round mag since they are non game mammals? Or does the 5 rd mag still come in to play?
Heck if I can find it, but I'm pretty sure there is no restriction for non-game animals. Just pay attention to the 114 outcome. Down side is if a cougar comes in you would be in violation since they are game animals.

The regs I found kind of contradict each other in a way which i why I'm confused. Also, one buddy says yes and other says no. I suppose if Im in possession of a Cougar or Bobcat tag, Id probably truly be illegal at that point.
Magazine restrictions only come into play with semi automatic rifles. View attachment 996921

Which is where the confusion comes in to play. A Coyote is not a game mammal?
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In my line of work I see Multnomah Co lessen and throw out gun charges when other counties prosecute generally to the fullest. Multnomah Co. is a joke.
ip 18 .Lift Every Voice

They want to ban sales of assault style semi automatic weapons. Then the ones that already exist, must be sold out of state, registered with OSP, or turned in to be disposed of.
Ive been checking in on LEVOs IP18 on their site on a regular basis to see what they are saying. It seems to me and if my memory is correct, it used to read "semi auto" from when I started reading it around voting time, to "semi auto assault" as it currently reads.

Got to keep an eye on them!
Any current info on how many are in the que for a background check?

I was at Bimart in Woodburn yesterday and I believe they told me 26,000....might had been 23,0000
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