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THE ONLY Measure 114 related discussion thread

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This is where all related topics regarding Measure 114 will take place. If you start a thread elsewhere it will not be moved here, it will be removed. We are having to babysit and deal with too many threads on this subject, so to have it all in one place it will be more manageable. Please adhere to the AUP. We know the topic is political, but it's important to our recreational choices as hunters and fishermen. This means keep it civil and on topic.
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Your right, RA. But what does that have to do with anything? 🤕

Given that SCOTUS instructed other courts to revisit existing laws/rulings on magazine’s with Bruen’s new analysis framework in mind, I’m confused.
I agree, again. I think you are 100% correct. Let me rephrase.

While I agree and think you are obviously right on the face of it... logic, reason, precedent, and a recent SCOTUS ruling seem to not apply here.
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I have been harping on having to get a permit to exercise a constitutional right IS unconstitutional and should be the focus of the legal argument against this measure.

But it seems most of you are concerned about the magazine ban. Aren't you also worried about the publicly available database of permit holders?
Given that existing mags are grandfathered, and can still be used for property defense, or basically, “going shooting”, while it’s total BS, its main practical impact will be on CHP holders, who will in theory need to throttle back their carry guns. And, I suppose, on the folks LARP’ing and cosplaying with their AR’s for political intimidation purposes. In other words if you want to show up at a demonstration with your AR, now it’ll have to have 10 rounders. But for all other purposes if you already own the regular mags, you can use them for what you were already using them for.

I haven’t decided if I’m gonna neuter my carry pistol to 10 rounds. “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”. I might decide to just take that chance.

The permit is far beyond offensive on every level. If I even start to type it out, my blood pressure literally starts to press upwards in my head. I do not intend to get a permit to buy a firearm in the United States of America. It’s so wrong words fail me. So... yeah. I agree.
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I gotta vent......

I just delivered (machined) parts to a long time customer of mine. Over the years I’ve been this guy’s sounding board for gun stuff, he has a few heirloom type guns and had all the classic misconceptions (like a big 44 mag revolver is best for personal defense because it’s so powerful). Took him shooting a few times, and as a result, he bought a Glock 19 and loves it.

So today I mention 114 and his response was “well but if it stops one kid who was mentally ill up to age 17 ...” and I realized the mutha-bleeper voted for this! And get this. I was telling him how the magazine stuff works, in relation to his G19, and he says to me, “that doesn’t apply to me because mine just have the stock (ed. note: 15 round) magazines, not high-capacity!“

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The whole moving backwards thing is weird? My 114 purchases were all in the CHL queue; it just steadily moved forward, at least for the 2/3 of my 114 guns that weren’t instantly approved. Is the big queue different? If so then it’s not a queue, it’s a group from which people are picked at random.
Having it stalled for a month is a good thing for those stuck in the queue. But I’m guessing most major retailers will stop ordering new guns for folks. I tried to order a Glock 29SF today at BiMart; it has a 10-round mag so it meets that requirement w/o issu. No go. And I don’t blame them. They were going through all their “stuck” gun sales while I was there to figure out who had guns on hold with mag capacities over 10. They wrre gonna start contacting them to let them know to come get their refund.

I may try to order it through SW. But if it takes a week to get there... a couple days before they call me to come in for the BG check... then I’ve only got 2.5 weeks at BEST to complete the BG check. Not sure I want that hanging over me. This is ruining my day/week/month enough as it is.
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Agree. What chaps my ass, other than that, is that these people couldn’t be bothered to even understand what they were voting for! Just pure reflex.
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Your mags that hold MORE than 10 are perfectly legal at home and on your property
Somehow, the quote you replied to got attributed to me! But that’s not me.
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When I was in BiMart today there were several sad sacks sorting through paperwork at the sporting goods counter looking for guns in 4473 limbo that came with magazines over 10 rounds, so they could contact the buyers and tell them the sale was canceled. So at least today, in that BiMart, that was the plan. Cancel the whole sale, not strip the mags from the gun.
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Can you purchase pistols or rifles that accommodate 10 or more in a mag?
Technically, yes. But good luck with that. It’s too late, probably, to get one under the existing system.

Under the new system the guns are legal to buy (assuming you have the permit) but with 10 round mags. Or with no mags, I suppose. And that gun could then be used, for certain things anyway, with existing normal-capacity mags that you had in your possession prior to this measure going into effect. For other uses you’d need to use 10-rounders.

That part of this should get sorted fairly quickly. In fact I’m surprised the stores are so gobsmacked by it. It’s not like this is the first state to pull this crap. The Glock distributors, for example, know how to send their product to retailers with 10-rounders.
Anyone know if you can order high capacity mags now, with the block on the measure?
Technically legal, is my understanding, but it’s going to be hard to get anyone to ship to you, I would think. A couple days ago someone mentioned a site that was still shipping to oregon. I forget who though. Most aren’t though.

Are you looking for high-capacity magazines, or regular-capacity magazines?
Am I able to go purchase a firearm in idaho or Washington to avoid registering my gun in the Oregon states police data base?
No. They are required to follow Oregon’s firearms laws since you are an Oregon resident.

Fun, huh.
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So, based on how you describe this, if I am enjoying a recreational activity such as taking a hike on public ground I can possess a plus 10 mag with no legal issues?
I would say yes. In part, because your hike could very easily be you going to a informal shooting range.
I’m sure this has been said already, but ladies and germs, this is Happy Take a Picture of Your Magazines day. Just to be safe. Yes I know it’s got a TRO for the next month, but still.

I’m going to spread them all out, take a pic with my phone, and a short video, and email it to myself.

As a reminder this is the reply I got from the Lane County sheriff. Bolding is mine:


Good morning –

Many questions have arisen as to what will happen to the rights of gun owners in Oregon if this measure passes. Myself, and other Sheriffs, often rely on the analysis of our legal advisor(s) through our Oregon State Sheriffs Association. Having reviewed the BM 114 and the legal analysis received, the following opinion is my understanding of the likely next steps in the unfortunate event it passes. For the record, I believe BM 114 to be an unconstitutional restriction on the right to possess firearms.

If passed it will take effect “30 days after passing.”

Firearms dealers will have “180 days” to dispose of large capacity magazines.

Firearms dealers will not be able to sell a firearm to anyone without a permit; since the permit system does not exist, all legal firearms sales in the State of Oregon will stop until a permit system is established. Because of this, there is a strong likelihood a federal judge will “stay” the measure until a permit process is established or the constitutionality of the measure is decided in what will likely be a court challenge.

Court challenges often take years. One such challenge is underway on a California magazine ban that was sent back to the 9th Circuit Court by the US Supreme Court for reconsideration due to a recent Supreme Court decision in the NY Rifle v. Bruen case.

If a court challenge occurs and BM 114 is determined to be unconstitutional it will then likely be reviewed by the 9th Circuit Court.

Since the measure as written provides an affirmative defense to possession of the magazine if it was owned prior to the effective date of the measure, you should document that you have them in your possession before this measure takes effect. One suggestion might be that you take a dated photograph of your magazines.

The Oregon State Sheriffs Association, the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Oregon State Police, will be convening a joint meeting to discuss these questions and concerns further should the measure be certified as having passed. I know that there will continue to be questions surrounding this measure, and I am committed to providing that information as soon as it becomes clear. One thing we all know for sure – no one has the staff to take on the burden of this unfunded mandate.


Clifton G. Harrold
Lane County Sheriff
125 E. 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
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If the normal-capacity (B, take note of that phrasing please) mag ban does stand, I think it’s main effect will be in the “performative“ realm. By that I mean the folks in Oregon and elsewhere who in their wisdom have decided that strapping on tacticool gear and an AR15 and mulling around outside the Salem statehouse- or my local grocery store parking lot- is a good idea.

Is that constitutionally protected free speech? I say yes, it is. Is it also intended to provoke and intimidate? I say again, yes, it is. In fact I think we can thank that kind of in-your-face cosplaying for the passage of 114, given the thin margin by which it passed.

Anyway... folks inclined to do that will be limited to 10-rounders when they exercise those rights.

Virtually everything else can be sold as either recreating, or being on the way to recreating/range shooting.

It’s why once this sinks in (assuming it sticks) and the anti’s realize that we are all still possessing and using these mags, the rat bastids will be coming for our grandfathered normal-capacity mags in the fullness of time. :(
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I view the displaying of arms as a push back to the gradual push in society to demonize arms and those who own or use them. I recently got a reminder of the changing societal effects of who Oregonians are becoming, a local weather group had a member post pictures of a nice Muley buck with snow on his antlers and the moderators grabbed it for a background picture for the group (with permission). On the side thread for that story I tongue in cheek suggested that a wet side photo (rainy) picture of an animal was more appropriate and offered up this years bulls picture as he laid after the shot. Next time I went onto that site I had a warning about posting political or offensive things. Oregon is gradually slipping away folks. I am a current city councilor here in Venonia, I have no bones about telling newcomers there was a reason they moved to our town, quit trying to change it, it is offensive! If we do not push back they will change our state and cities over time and frankly I have not seen anything that is to the better.
I don’t disagree. But to my point, it ain’t about how YOU view it. I can say with some authority that what I described, plus all the revolutionary rhetoric and for that matter, actions, really freaked out a lot of folks. Put yet another way, it used up a whole lot of goodwill and “benefit of the doubt” that a lot of non-gun folks, or even “Elmers“ with a deer rifle and duck shotgun, otherwise might’ve felt towards the issue.

It’s extremely unfortunate that the US evolved (devolved?) into a 2-party system, where one party is essentially unarmed. It has made being armed a political issue in and of itself, when it really shouldn’t be. The 2nd is to protect the rights of EVERYONE against the imposition of tyranny. That includes, for example, the rights of the left against a violent and tyrannical imposition by the right. Unfortunately the left doesn’t see it that way. They feel very threatened by the irate and heavily armed right and see .gov as their redress against that, rather than being armed themselves. And it’s not for nothing that they feel that; they have been literally and overtly threatened. We are adult enough to acknowledge that, no?

Bringing it full circle, using guns as symbols of political violence like I described above only furthers that “solve it with .gov intervention” mindset, and the calcification of those views and fears into our body politic.
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Putting it really simply- people who use guns to scare and intimidate other people should expect those other people to respond. All I’m saying is I personally would love love love a whole lot less intentional scaring and intimidation by gun owners. Yes I know it’s only a few. But the imagery is powerful. It leaves a mark. And we end up with BS like 114.
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Oregon Supreme Court asked to overturn the TRO. Better order mags fast, if anyone is still planning to, and a retailer will ship ‘em. I’m going to do an order tonight for “just a few more”.

Almost have my “Happy Take a Picture of Your Magazines Day!” pile together. I keep remembering more, haha. Just remembered all the G19 mags for my truck gun. It’s quite the display. I’m worried it won’t fit into one picture! :)

They had 20 round mags in stock. Gun Mag Warehouse wasn't sure on the phone, but told me to check back tomorrow. Haven't heard back from the email yet. Looking for 30 rounders, but will probably order a couple 20s from these guys just in case.
At least GMW pointed out that you can check for shipping restrictions at the bottom of their website, so I don't have to stay on hold on the phone.
Thank you.
GMW are good folks, but be advised my order from them took almost two weeks to ship. I did see where someone pointed out that the language of 114 is that they need to be “purchased” prior to the 8th, rather than “in possession”. 👍
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Buncha BLM’ers and antifa would agree with that. Just sayin.
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