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THE ONLY Measure 114 related discussion thread

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This is where all related topics regarding Measure 114 will take place. If you start a thread elsewhere it will not be moved here, it will be removed. We are having to babysit and deal with too many threads on this subject, so to have it all in one place it will be more manageable. Please adhere to the AUP. We know the topic is political, but it's important to our recreational choices as hunters and fishermen. This means keep it civil and on topic.
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Thats how im reading it also.
Language of BM 114:
"(C) While engaging in the legal use of the large-capacity magazine, at a public or private shooting range or shooting gallery or for recreational activities such as hunting, to the extent permitted under state law;"

Fortunately for me I'm always on my way to or back from a public or private shooting range or engaged in recreational activities such as hunting. Or on my way to or back from recreational activities. Or, at my private residence.

Even when at work, I'm engaged in recreational activities. I multitask well.
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I would add, that most of my carry guns are 5 shot revolvers. But, interesting enough when I look at a Glock with a loaded mag, I can not tell if it has a 10 or 15 round mag in there. Luckily we treat all guns as they are loaded and keep them pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Does anyone know what a 'Shooting Gallery" is outside of a carnival?
I truly thought I led a boring life. But now I realize I am constantly doing recreational activities. Thanks to 114 I feel much better about my life.
You have reached Enlightenment, brother! Life is a big Recreational Activity! Carry on and carry hi-caps if you choose....
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That's definitely the side show of the carnival.

My new idea for my Measure 114 t-shirts is one that says, "If I'm wearing this shirt, I'm engaged in recreational activities. Thank you 114!"

and on the other side of the shirt it has 114 different common recreational activities as permited by law: bike riding, gardening, sight seeing, boating, dining out, shopping, playing chess, billiards, concert going, picnicking, hiking...
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Thank you. I've already reached out to my local sheriff's office to sign up for the class and the permit to purchase application. I will probably try again this afternoon and this evening and documenting my attempts to apply for the permit that doesn't exist.
There's a place for you to write them a question. You can get more clarity on the costs and live fire portion. It may be more efficient to do a virtual classroom for the info and then do the in-person handling at another time and local spot.
I am just comparing it to hunter ed
My last one was less a week to clear. It was a total impulse purchase.
Purchased Saturday and picked up Wednesday. Not too bad.
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Nope. I entered the queue about the mid point and got a clear BG check. It just happened to be about 2 business days.
I don't know. I just filled out the form like I always do.
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