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Oregon Tuna Classic

August 4th 2007

Hammond Or.

The really big winner in this event was the Clatsop County Food Bank.
The teams at the Hammond event donated 2556 Pounds of Tuna!
All this was due to the efforts of all the tuna fishers who braved the rough ocean on Saturday. And due in large part to the volunteers led be Thuan Luther (and his volunteer team) I can’t say enough about the professional way theLadies on the Dock handled the weigh in procedure! They were awesome!
And now for the Official results.

1st Place team Seelicious 113.95 lbs.:cheers:

2nd Place team N’ Motion 113.30 lbs:cheers:

3rd Place team Bad Fish 112.80 lbs.:cheers:

That’s right, only 1.15 lbs between 1st and 3rd place.

The longest fish was 36.5” and it was also the heaviest fish at 29.5 lbs
Congratulations to all the winners.

And a great big thank you to all who helped with the set up and clean up.
And now after telling team Seelicious where I expected them to finish, I must eat all that crow I was trying to feed them. CONGRATULATIOINS team Seelicious. Hhhmmm those feathers don’t taste,……..that bad.

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More Thank you's

Mr. Fisherman, Woody and his wife and probably a couple more stepped up when we finally received fresh tuna Friday night. They took the 16 tuna and carked them in short order so that we could have tuna for the Bar-B-Que.

And Speaking of fish, thanks to Catch and Eat and his crew for donating some of their Friday catch and I am embarrased to say I can't remember the other team that donated 10 of their Friday catch for the meal. Someone please help me out here.

There were so many people that stepped up to the plate this weekend, and GOT IT DONE!

Thank you again
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