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The 5 best egg cures?

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What are the 5 best egg cures out there for salmon and steelhead? Looking to get 5 or more different egg cures before this fall. Gonna be curing up a lot of silver eggs.
If you don't wanna tell me the best egg cure you can e-mail me.
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A good book was just published on this topic. Has recipes for 100 different cures. Well worth reading and gives you ideas on how you can customize to create your own.

Unfortunately if you ask 5 different people you will probably get 10 different answers on which is best. Most would agree that it depends on the river, the freshness of the fish from the salt, weather and water conditions, and probably a zillion other factors that we dont know about yet. One of the sponsers on this site, Amerman, makes a cure that is very well respected by many on this board including me. His cure has caught fish for me when others in the same boat were not being so fortunate.

I think the more simple the better in most cases. Borax with a few additives, anise or shrimp, or sugar, or ..... seems to work consistently for me.

Here is the link to the book:


Good luck fishing

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Thanks for the tip JohnB. I think I might have to make a little purchase..... :grin:

KF85, The guide shop in Tillamook makes a great premix of dye and Solium Sulfite (NA2SO3). It is called Double Red X.

I have used it allot in the 4-2-1 combination. Thats 4 parts Sugar (I like using Corn Sugar- the kind for brewing beer that is called granulated dextrose) 2 Parts of the premixed Sodium Sulfite & Dye from the guide shop and finally 1 part salt.

Those are the most basic ingriedients in all egg cures. I have experimented with light doses of Sodium Benzoate (NACHC6H5) and Potassium Chloride (KCl)as well as different sweetners like sorbital & other sources of sucrose.

In addition, if you really want to experiment, try light doses of scent before you freeze your eggs. One I will use is Norweagon Cod Liver Oil. But remember that is a light dose of a few drops.

As for dye's, there are many dye's out there and they are very concentrated. That is why I like the guide shops premixed stuff. If you insist to do your own die combination, the total potion is around 2% or less of the total equation. Believe me, I know this for a fact. Some names of dyes are: Sulforhodamine 101 (Red Flourescent, Rhodamine B (Red). The place to go get these is out of St. Louis (Sigma Aldrich Co.) They have a terrific website and very helpful chemists to answer your questions.

I know I am making some people cringe :hoboy: on this but I have had a lot of fun trying to figure this stuff out and I am always willing to get people started.

Best of luck, and if you come up with some new killer cure out of these suggestions, I would always love to hear about it. :cheers:

Take Care.

The Kentucky Hog Hunter
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one of the best ways i have found to cure eggs, is probably known to the rest of you fellas, and that is brown sugar, borax and raspbery jello, brown sugar for flavoring, borax for cureing and raspberry jellow, for deep red color.
Here are a few that I've had success with
My friend John Barth's (Fishin Magician) cure
TNT Cure from Sweet Home, Oregon

Ifish board member Fishbait has an excellent cure but is very closed mouth about it. Steve is one of the top tidewater salmon guys around.
I have the Scott Haugen's book and there is a wealth of information in it about cures. The authors favorite cure contains Sodium Bisulfite, Anise,Borax and white sugar. I've recently acquired some hard to find Sodium Bisulfite so I am going give it a try.
Good Luck
You don't need 5 IMHO. 1 salty. 1 Sweet. 1 somewhere in the middle. And to tell you the truth, 3 is a lot.

Amermans is a good place to start. Maybe you could add sugar or salt to them ......

Mark and the no way am I tellin dog.
The quality of the fresh egg has the most to do with the final product. If you buy eggs, make sure you know/trust the source. Fresh eggs should be blood free, have no smell, be cool not cold, and very fresh.
try siberian cure in the red it is easy to use and gives a great color. after the curing process freeze or jar which ever you like

just my thougts

good luck
Well, I have the Amermans salmon egg cure, pro glo and pro cure and like them ones. But am looking to try some other stuff. I've seen a lot of stuff out there for sale just never hear much on it and don't wanna waste a good thing of eggs on some crappy cure.
I don't work for Scott but here are my five favorite salmon egg cures:

Amerman's red salmon cure
Amerman's orange salmon cure
Amerman's red steelhead cure
Amerman's orange steelhead cure
The book is very good for adding a few cures to your arsenal.

Past Salmon Trout and Steelheader articles have also suggested other basic egg cures, as well as other ways to create your own 'specialized' cure ( mixing 2 or more of the OTC cures available).

If your worried about wasting eggs, only use 1/2 of the available eggs from 1 hen, and mark your jars/baggies to know which cure is which.

Good Luck !
Chris :cool:
First and foremost: bleed the fish if you want the eggs. Absolute must.

Next keep them cool.

Next cure them within 24 hrs if at all possible.

Next, Amermans for SH, Amermans for Salmon, Sure Cure for Salmon (rocket red), had some good luck with Wizard dbl red neon.

Keep sealed in jars. No human scent.

Good luck

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