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I have a Simmons scope that the cross hairs went ???? anyway just wanted to pass on the help I have received from the company, I call today, and talked to a young feller, who said that the 2.4 X 14 X 44 has been discontinued, but if I could live with a 4x14x44 they would send me a replacement.

Send to ::::: Mead
6001 Oak Canyon
Irvine Cal
1-800-285-0689 than #2 & #3
and Waite for them to answer the phone about 5 minutes.

Get a code # and $10.00 bucks for S&H

I approve this, and no rant.

Leif Akerson AKA "Norski"

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Kinda like Bushnell.

Products are so cheap and customer satisfaction/word of mouth so important they will just replace with new to keep you happy.

I was treated the same with my Bushnell range finder. "Send it in and we will reapiar or replace" no questions asked.

Same thing for my Vacuum packer from Rival I think. They didnt even want me to send in the old one. Just asked what model I had and where to send the new one to.

Ya gotta love that kind of customer service.
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