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Re: Decoys, old waders and kids camo needed for the OWF

I'd like to bring your attention to some needs for the Kids Activities for the Waterfowl Festival this year. Details in the OWF Thread stickied to the top of the forum.

We are still in need of any old waders, kids sizes or adult, and any old kids camo for the photo booth.

We can also use any old decoys you may have, we are expecting a LOT of kids this year and last year we ran out of decoys to paint. They vcan be gunners and have a few holes, I will be shooting them w/ primer so they need not look very good....just clean if you could.
You may email me ([email protected]) and my pager # is in my profile.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Mike, I have some old waders, and they are probaly repairable. I probaly have some dekes too, but not sure if I can dig that far down yet this time of yr. No relation to Durham DA, are you? Headed to Chapel Hill/Durham tomorrow. Still talking about that Fellar.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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