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Thanks Jennie and Rusty! :smile:

We both were real busy and didn't get to visit like we would have liked too.

You did just fine and I was only one out of about 200 people there.

The post party was great and as I had mentioned earlier STG Rule was a kick. And so were you I might add.

I would like to say thanks to Barviewrocks, Woody and a couple others that willingly jumped in without asking them to help me unload, setup, and load the tables and chairs. I wished I could remember who the other two guys were that chipped in but too many new faces and names (both real name and moniker) for me to handle at the time. Maybe they will email me and refresh my memory.

It was great but I think the next time you will delegate some responsibilities and I will be on time and get my salsa done ahead of time. :grin:
Me being on time anywhere would really be an accomplishment! :grin:

Thanks Jen & Bill for the wonderful get together! :cheers: (Ginger Ale)! :grin:

I will get you a CD burned real soon of the pic’s I took and get it mailed or deliver it while traveling through Garibaldi.

Last but not least, I want to thank all those that gave me support on the LIG thread and to all of those that came up to me at ifishstock and congratulated me and offered support for my continued fight and success over alcoholism.

I’ve had several ifisher’s and non ifisher’s ask me off and on the site if or what type of help I was getting. I have told them all that I believe the LIG thread has helped me more than anything.



Day um, 33?
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