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Tonight, I grabbed the a bag of chicken that was leftover from ATWORKALOT (Three cheers for his donation of food food food!), stir fried up some pea pods and other veggies, layed the chicken over it in strips, and topped it off with Depoe Bay Dan's homeade salsa.

While enjoying the wonderful tastes, I began to think about all of the tables that Dan brought, and the salsa that he prepared, while I gave him barely nothing to work with, nor barely a greeting when he walked in! I was busy crazy with prizes, registration, and chaos!

He also donated 200 dollars worth of lures to ifish!

As the week goes on, I keep thinking of all the wonderful people who did so much to make ifishstock a blast, and I want you to know that every one of you pop into my mind and make me smile as the days wear on.

Don't be surprised if I don't just pop up with random thanks to people as I think of them, over and over!

Depoe Bay Dan, thank you! You made me smile tonight, and I appreciate that! Thanks for the tables, the salsa, and the fun conversation post party.

It was nice to be able to get to know you a little. :smile:

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