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Some of you may remember that guide Scott McKnight http://www.scottsguideservice.com donated a trip to iFish for a contest some time last fall for a contest and I was the lucky winner. I promised Jenny a story when we took the trip so here it is. It has taken us this long with our busy schedules and the recent birth of my son to finally take this trip.
Yesterday, Scott and I finalized plans and decided to give the Willamette a try since I don't have much fishing knowledge of the river and would like to learn it. I received that in spades today.
We met at 6:00 at St. Johns Cathedral park and didn't have to wait long to launch. When we got there we were treated to the moon setting over the hills above the bridge which served as a nice start to the morning.
My friend Jay accompanied us on this trip as well. We began trolling down from the bridge toward the Multnomah channel pulling herring along hoping for an early morning bite.
There were not as many anglers as I anticipated and we didn't have to dodge too much traffic as we trolled into and past the channel. When we got the Columbia we trolled the area just near Kelly Point park.
Some time around noon Scott's rod starts getting a trout like nibble. He gets on it like a cat with a mouse. He gives it line and after what seemed like an eternity the fish starts pulling and wham!, he stings it setting the hook deep into the fishes jaw. He immediately hands the rod off to me and I play the fish for quite a while before it relents and we get it to the boat where Scott nets it. Bingo! 20 lbs fin clipped chinook.
(Scott's tall too! I rarely feel short standing next to someone.)
We trolled for a while longer but didn't touch a fish besides that one.
The weather was beautiful, the fishing was awesome and I learned a ton. I want to thank Scott for taking me, Jenny for having the contest and pulling my name from the hat.
Scott is an excellent, even mannered guide with a great deal of knowledge of the metro and coast fisheries (not to mention his stories of his experiences guiding in Alaska) as well as being a super conversationalist with an intimate knowledge of Oregon history. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to hire a guide.

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I'm SO glad you had a good time!

It makes it all worth it to me!

Now, when is my turn, Scott? :smile: :smile: :smile:

I may just have to hire the man, myself!

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