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Here is my buddy Brandon's Report
Got back last night from three solid long days of fishing and BSing in POW island. First I would just say that it was awesome, absolutely a great trip. IT was tough though. We got up there late saturday and arrived at our cabin around 1 am sunday, got up at 6:30 I cooked breakfast and we were off to go fish. (A side not I broke my 8 wt a week before I left so my dad loaned me his. It was a Redington 5pc 8wt, a nice rod, but no eight weight for sure, I would of given it a lite 7 wt. staus had I made it.) Any way as we headed out for the first creek that was close to our cabin we got out and saw the theme for the trip, THOUSANDS OF PINKS!! this was a little creek but We had a good time catching the pinks. We did get four keeper coho out of it. After about an hour we headed out and found another creek very close to our cabin with maybe 100,000 pinks at least, but if you could keep your fly in front of the fish and not in a huge hump they would aggresively smack a pink flash fly on every cast, what a rush to have them chase it down on the strip. I always thought that pinks were very small but they were big enough to be a ball on an eight weight. The fresh ones really put a good fight up all the way in. After about an hour of that I broke my 8 wt on about a 5 or 6 pound pink. I was pretty angry until I was approached by an angler walking down the trail right as I snapped my rod say that the airport broke three of his OUCH! So that pretty much summed up the first day for me. Lots and lots of pinks and a few COHO.

The second day we were out for some Coho in a big way trying to get all this salmon we had promised all our friends and family. SO we just drove around scouting some water till we found a creek with some leaping coho. So we got out and fished and our gear guy buddy got one. But that was it, oh and chris did get a coho to smack his popper but no hook up.

Off again and I convince them to go down this random gravel road(they are all gravel up there btw)beacuase it looked like there had to be a creek there and there was, but not fly freindly. But I did see some dollies in it, which I was even more excited about than the silvers. So down stream we went to another bridge and found tons of Sockeyes with a school of dollies behind each batch of redds. And chaos ensued. THose fish are great. I started with small eggflies and eventually switched to beads cause I lost a few. This was a great day off fishing. I managed to catch some nice rinbows and cutts also in the 14-16" range. THe dollies were mostly 12-16" with a lot between 16-18. I got a 18.5 and Pel got the big 20" buck what a beauty.

The last day we slept in and explored once again for those elusive cohos. The rivers were very low and it was keeping fish out of the rivers. We got pounded with the rain the whole day and still only found pinks and dollies in a stream far from the cabin. But on our way back we stopped at this little creek with no sign of salmon I figured there had to be cohos in here, since the pinks were done in this river. Well since I only had my six weight I through a muddler under some trees and caught some dollies and missed a bigger trout. we walked about 150 yards downstream cause I could tell there was a drop in the river but I didn't know that there would be a beaver dam there with a hole full of coho. We managed to get 8 between the three of us what a blast. We had a great time and hopefully go again next year. It felt like in three days we just skimmed the surface of this huge area, beautiful wildlife and landscape.

Can't wait to go back again.

Hopefully chris will postsome photos and his report soon..

BTW the white socks were a beotch!

and my report:

Brandon's report pretty much sums it up. We saw a bald eagle, about 30 salmon jump and 2 porpoises before we even got to our island. Once we reached POW we had a 3 hour drive from the ferry to our cabin. On that drive we counted 36 deer and stopped at every creek along the way shining the flash light down to see thousands of fish scatter, it got our blood pumping and ready for the next 3 days of fishing.

Day 1 - We got up and headed out and proceeded to get our truck stuck 1/8th mile from our cabin. "Tricky" pulled us out and sent us on our way to fish. At the first hole we stopped at I thought I would never see as many fish as we found here. I would later find out I was definitely mistaken. Here is my first fish of the trip taken on a chartruese egg sucking bunny leech in black.

Brandon's first coho taken on a purple MOAL leech

Luke's Coho for the day, everything seemed bright to him, however these did filet pretty nicely.

Next we stopped at a hole with at least 10 times as many fish in it. I got numerous pinks to chase my pink popper, but I kept pulling it out of their mouths too soon. So I switched to a Pink flash fly and Brandon and I probably caught 30 pinks a piece until he broke his rod. It was so fun to watch the fish turn their heads and start chase, and then watch the take. It was an amazing feeling.

Next we headed up to a river that was salt water. It was kind of wierd but it definitely was salt water. Brandon caught the brightest pink of the trip here and I saw a harbor seal chasing salmon around.

Day 2 - The Day of the Dolly
Day 2 started with chasing pinks at the hole #2 from the day before just to get our blood pumping. THen it was off an a search for beer. After our beer journey was successful we started towards Coffman cove, only to find a stream with more Dolly's in it than Salmon it seemed. This was definitely my best day of trout fishing in my life. I caught a 20" bruiser of a buck dolly that plain whooped my arse around the stream. I even had a couple spawned out sockeye bucks take my egg pattern. We limited out on dollies and released numerous cuttys and bows.

Day 3 - Thank you Mr. Beaver
Well Day 3 started a little later, we got out of the cabin around 11:30 and started our trek towards the north of the island where we found much of the same spawning pinks and eager egg eating Dollies. Then we stopped at a creek completely void of salmon. It was very strange. The water was calm, deep, and devoid of salmon. However the trout were willing to take streamers. Then Luke says, is that a beaver dam? Low and behold we came across the most amazing feat of animal engineering I have ever laid eyes on. You would have thought there would be a beaver with an white hard hat and blueprints chilling on the bank.

However, the dam was blocking the passage of salmon from entering the upper river. Bad for them, good for our coolers. We were able to catch and land 8 bright coho. It was pretty amazing.

This was the best fishing trip I have ever been on. Lots of wildlife, less than 10 fisherman seen the entire trip, and just awesome company and laughter. This will have to become an annual trip, because I want to start planning for it already.
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