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Targeting Chinook at Zoo-ey 10

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I was fishing 10 on Thurs and Fri with my father-in-law from Utah. I was really hoping to get him into some Chinook but all we were able to catch were Coho. I really didn't see that many caught so maybe it was just the days. However, when I read this board I keep seeing pics and posts saying Chinooks are easy to catch it's the Cohos that are the hard part?? I'm headed back down this week and looking for some advice on how to really target Chinook. My setup was deep-six(1 green, 2 silver prism), fish flash connected to diver(1 green/silver, 1 silver, 1 silver with strips of green tape added), 5' leader, and RSK's clear with green fin with fresh herring. We were trolling the green line between 29 and 25 fishing at 20-25 pulls in 30'-40' of water. Like I said we put the hurt on the silvers and I'm not complaining a bit, just wondering what I could do different to catch the "easy ones"
. Thanks a bunch.

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Spending an hour at a fish cleaning table by a boat ramp is the Very best way to get this info.
I'd try along the drop off out of Chinook late into the flood tide. Good Luck!
I spent the last 8 days down there. We averaged 5 chinooks to every one coho. Fish between 14 and 30 pulls, use frozen cut plug herring that has been brined, use a long leader (gives cut plug a larger roll - Chinook like large slow roll) and finally troll sloooooooow!
try running in on the east side of the jetty at bouy 11 into about 45 feet of water about 75 yards away from it and troll out towards 11 just as the tide is changing and starting to run out with 22 feet of line out, i was using a green ez-diver with a silver prism fish flash and a 6 foot leader with a plug cut herring, the 22 feet of line seemed to be the magic number atleast for us. once you get out past 11 run in and troll out again.
I'm heading down tomorrow morning and fishing until about 1:00. Looks like I will be starting on low slack and fishing most of the incoming. Same spot ok on the incoming tide? I have only fished down there for 3 years and just by coincidence it has always been on an outgoing tide or last part of incoming then full outgoing. I have only been out to the bouy itself twice and wasn't too impressed so I usually do the "green line" on the Oregon side or fish around the bridge on the WA side. Last week was the first time I have fished those areas on an incoming and we did ok on silvers but no nooks. I saw alot of guide boats in the area and they were all catching silvers too. From the sounds of it they had probably already got all their nooks and were "grinding it out for coho" as Dave Johnson put it. I guess I need to be educated on some spots for chinook on an incoming tide. I also think my bait had too tight of a roll. I have done a little research since I posted this and I'm gathering that for chinook the herring needs to be big, roll in wide slow circles and trolled slow. For coho it needs to be smaller, roll in tight circles, and trolled faster. I have been using the smaller of the 2 RSK models. Maybe I need to get the larger ones or go to plug cut or whole and adjust the roll. Any suggestions? Am I on the right track?
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I like fishing the slot just above the chruch on an ebb tide going with the current. The area is 22 to 30 feet deep. I use a diver, about 8 feet of leader with a large fish flash in the middle with a whole herring on a mooching rig. I let enough line out of the spool until I feel my diver bumping the bottom then I reel up a couple of cranks. I like my diver ticking the bottom every so often. Last year and this year with the exception of my trip last Friday have been nothing but nooks to the boat this way. Last Friday we couldn't find a nook and cought silvers that way.

We have been averaging about 4 nooks a trip. Hope this helps and post your results.
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