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I really don't get it, I've asked several times, here it is again !!
Why do we have a commercial fishery? Ok, Fisheries says, we must provide fish for commercial, sport and Tribal fisheries. What is the history behind the commercials? I get the Tribal take, it's written over and over but why is there a commercial fishery?
Here's my question-
I really would like an honest answer, I hope my question could be answered.
Sometime back I was speaking with a fishin buddy about gill netting on the Columbia and asked him the question. 'Why do we have gill netters on the
river, the only place in America that we allow the killing of endangered species' He explained,' the licenses were bought years back and the license is good for 100 years.' There has been talk of buying them back over the years but this has never taken hold.
I would really like to understand this issue, I have not heard an open, honest answer from the WDFW.
I understand the Indian treaties, I understand we must produce fish to meet this need, I really don't understand the netters issue. $600K would do it, don't you think. Why, I keep asking myself.
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