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Taekwando- Tiny Tigers

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Does anybody have any experience with Taekwando and the Tiny Tigers program?
Looking for information on what you did or did not like about the program. So far all of the parents I've talked to say great things about it.

My daughter has done 3 classes so far and really loves it. She is 5 and has learned alot of things already.

She has always had an interest in karate in general and I felt like it was a good program to use some of her energy, learn life skills, gather more self esteem and respect.
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Don't know anything about Tiny Tigers but know a little about Tae Kwan Do. It was my sport in high school (not school sponored) and I loved it. She is starting at a good age. I remember seeing kids at her age do some incredible stuff. It does wonders for confidence and what she learns will be with her forever. If she sticks with it she could be a black belt by 11 or 12 years old.

Is program run by twin brothers by any chance?
The program she's in is family run. Parents and a couple kids but don't think they are twins. The place is Irelands Karate school here in Keizer.

Thanks for your input Waterdog.
I and my kids all took Tae Kwando, not at the place you mentioned. Pluses were excellent workout, great confidence builder in two teen boys and daughter who started at 6. Negatives were Tae Kwando is a kicking self defense, so it didn't teach any use of hands and in the end I wish we had taken Karate, after all that investment in self defense, I didn't think we were well trained in self defense. Also, there was a huge amount of memorizing Korean, and two out of the three kids dropped out because it became boring and pointless and frustrating to fail tests due to lack of knowledge of Korean when they were well versed in the physical skills. In the end I felt that the person running the dojo was just making us redo tests to increase his income. If I had it to do over I would find a Karate type all around self defense program and not Tae Kwan Do that didn't require learning Korean and the memorizing of "forms" and instead focused on building useful skills and getting them through to Black Belt and "done" in a timely way rather than frustrating them into quitting. Also, do this with your kids, I did and I'm glad I spent the time with them. Also, had a bad experience with the master bullying my kids, actually kicking them hard when they were supposed to be targets for "demonstration" and if I hadn't been there to see it I wouldn't have believed it, but as it was I was able to prevent him from injuring my kids further. All in all, it was not a positive experience in balance. hope you have better luck!
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I was part of "Traditional Tae Kwon Do" over off of Hawthorne and Lancaster. We had an offshoot group in S. Salem at the time. Don't know if they are still around. I was close to getting my black belt but college got in the way. :depressed: Funny tho', I bet I could still do a few of the "forms" you learn as you progress through the levels.

You'll also find that the folks that are involved are all different ages and backgrounds. Lot's to be learned just from being part of such a diverse group. Good stuff and I hope she sticks with it and enjoys it.

BIGAL - I had quite the opposite expereince and we had a lot of balance in our training. Definantly going to depend on the "instructor". Our's was not in it for the money. :noway: Sorry to hear your experience was not the same.
Glad yours was better. I just wish someone had given me a heads up about Tae Kwon Do in general before we started, though I haven't taken Karate, I understand it is a balance between legs and hands, which we sorely lacked!

It was frustrating! Had a great time spending time with the kids though, can't take that away from it!
I actually just got home from my son's Tiny Tiger class. We go to Family Kicks in Aloha.

I started taking him about 9 months ago. He turns 5 at the end of this month. He gets distracted and has a hard time listening sometimes. He was having a little bit of trouble in preschool and I was looking for something that might give him more focus.

It was hit or miss the way he was. He would give me ulcers watching him. I talked to the instructor and he said he is doing fine. So I left him in it. Then about 6 weeks ago a light came on and he does great now. He loves it.

They just do kicks and some punches. They learn a new kick once a month. And they focus on that one thing. They do little drills. They will start out kicking a bag, then jump over a pool noodle, then kick another bag, then roll over a bag and then get back in line. No sparring or anything. I think it is great.
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When my daughter was about 9 she started in the traditional Tae-kwan-do class that was held evenings at Sumpter School in Salem. She got her black belt at 14, about 10 years ago. She learned a lot of hand skills, and became very competent at kicking you in the behind while simultaneously beating your brains out and remaining poised and elegant.

Whitney, her mom, and I all think it was a really positive experience for her.
I'd highly recommend you seek out a good Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in your area and enroll both yourself and your family. You will receive a better workout and much more valuable defensive skills you can actually use. Plus, all that grappling is usually really fun for kids, so they'll be less likely to quit.

PM me for more info on some great schools up there. I have a buddy who teaches at one of them. He can hook you up. If you end up down in Lane County, I attend a great school I can highly recommend.
Don't know about TT but my daughter in law is a 3rd or 4th degree black belt(not sure) and she still loves it. Harder now that she's married, works full time and volunteers at church, but she still teaches it and loves working with kids.
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