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We went to a church family camping trip a couple of weeks ago. This was during the Link fire, which was just up the hill. We would wake up in the morning, and the smoke had settled into the camp and lake. I went fishing on my boat, but we didn't get any to the net. We hooked a couple, but they became unbuttoned. This is the first time I have ever went kokanee fishing. My friend has two boys that went on our Pastor's boat. They caught 8 the first night, 6 or so the next day, and 3 the next. It wasn't fast fishing for them by any means. You could only fish very early in the AM and just before dusk, as the wind would really whip during the day. Everyone fished with Ford Fenders and wedding rings tipped with white corn. I think my problem, was that I was not equipped to go deep enough, but my Pastor had a downrigger setup.

This is Luke Borchardt with some of the kokanee he caught.

Here is Zach Borchardt with some more kokanee pictures.

Here is a picture of the Link fire smoke drifting overhead. This picture was taken near the east end of Suttle Lake looking overhead.

All in all, a great place to camp and fish. :dance: :grin:

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