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Sounds perfect! Who wants to leave at 10:00 AM to make a last minute drift from Lee's Camp to Keenig Creek?

My 16' Fishrite is ready, rods strung and plugs tuned. We'll put in behind the store, float to the main River then easily limit out before we get to the take-out just upstream from Keenig Cr.
:grin: :wink:
All interested parties must be ready for anything, including dying!

Rusty :hoboy:

Man, do I need to get out, I'm beyond "stir crazy"!

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Now, it's down to a predicted 9 foot. That's manageable.

It was predicted to 13 feet plus!

Anyhow, the Kilchis rose 6 inches or so last night. Beautiful steelie green.

I'm so sorry, everyone, but I must go fishing now.

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