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We are having a super Fall.. both on the water :smash: and in the shop! :angel:
Lots of rods flying out the door and lots more fish being put in the box!
Click here for pics

I had the opprotunity to fish with the North River guys and their annual, "Take the Ladies Fishing" day.
What a blast!
Thanks Brian!

I had the pleasure of fishing, Lucky Lisa, and Colet. We had a great time...

Put a fish in the box the first 10 seconds of the morning...

This was Lucky Lisa with our first of the day... Her first in four years!

Colet was up next.. her turn took all of 10 minutes!

Then we had to move around a bit... waded through some Jacks.. to find a couple more adults!

over all we had a great day!
Lots of fish
lots of cool boats.. not sure why this came out blurry Chris?
Nice job Birth Day TANNER

and great fisherman! and FISHERWOMEN
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