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Here is one for all of the Coos Bay guys, I'm sure they know where I am talking about.
There is an awesome steelhead spot on the Millicoma river above the Girl Scout camp called "The falls". I'm still not sure if that refers to the hole or getting to the hole. Anyway if you are familiar with the number of people at the hatchery hole on the Nestucca that would be a slow day at "The Falls".
So back to the story.......my brother and I decided to go catch some steelies one Saturday morning, we get to the parking area (slightly wider spot on the road) at "The Falls" and see that there is no way we can squeeze our truck in with the thirty other cars parked there, so being the bright, energetic, young fools that we were, we decide to go back downriver a ways and walk/fish back up to "The Falls". So down the road we go......about 1/2 a mile, cool we can see the river down there........did I mention we are about 1000 yards above the river, and I mean straight above the river! Hey
That looks like an easy spot to go down. (Of course it's easy going down!
) So here we go, put on the waders (not the new lightweight neoprene, these were the old rubber/plastic/concrete shoe chest waders), grab the tacklebox, steelhead rod, net, lunch, drinks, let's see did we forget anything.....nope, OK off we go.
So we step off the road, and that was the last "step" we took(did I mention that we were about a 1000 ft straight up from the river), the rest of the way was a combination slide, roll, bounce, cuss, slide, trip, cuss..... to the river's edge! Whew, that was kind of easy!

Ok so now we are fishing, no one else around the water looks great! We fished for about an hour and both limited!

What a great day, now, how to get back to the truck????? Our original plan was to walk up to "The Falls" and follow the trail back to the road, (by the way this trail has a nice rope hand rail to hold on to and steps cut into the hill)unfortunately we didn't take into account the huge boulder on the side of the river blocking our access upriver to our easy access trail home!
So, now what to do??? (did I mention that we are now 1000 ft directly down hill from our truck)
Well I guess there was one more thing we should have brought down from the truck......our mountain climbing gear!
We finally did make it back to the truck, with all of our gear, fish, and concrete waders (have you ever tried to climp uphill in rubber chest waders???) By the time we got to the truck we were totally covered in sweat, our waders were ripped beyond repair, and our fish looked like they had been out of the water for about a week. My brother and I swore we would never again go steelhead fishing, that was just too much work!!!

And that lasted about one week, then we were back to the same spot! :grin:
Got to love the wonderful excursions we go on just to catch a fish!

Thanks for bringing up this topic, made me laugh thinking of this trip......kind of like the Three stooges without the third stooge!

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