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Went tuna fishing out of Depoe on Tuesday with Nalu charters. Mike got us into quite a nice day with the oceans being a little more than predicted. South winds with predicted north. Now thanks to Mike we are canning and smoking. I have been salting the tuna for about one half hours. I'm wondering what other guys are doing? Is that long enough. We are using rock salt. Took my boat out Wednesday and Thursday from Newport in search of salmon. Wednesday scratched one coho out at about 220' off the lighthouse. Quite a few short bites and quick releases. Most of the action came at 75' on the downrigger with hoochie and bait. Thursday we went for bottomfish off of seal rock. Caught a couple of descent lings and a few blackies. Went 240 degrees until we hit 180' from there and found some nice rips and within an hour had 5 nice coho in the box and called it a day. Pulled about 10 crab both days north of the jetty in 45' of water. A happy thank you to Mike - what a nice boat and a great guy. Now back to processing the bounty. :dance: Fred
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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