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With sincere apologies to those who read this story in the "Life in General" section, I submit this Mother's Day post to the Ifish Community in honor of a truely great lady (thanks in advance for indulging me).

I lost my Mother a year ago next week. This being my first Mother's Day with Mom gone, I got to thinking about some of my fondest memories and I came up with a whopper of a fish story.
My Dad, the self-proclaimed, "World's Greatest Fisherman", spent most of his spare time tossing worms, eggs, lures, and marshmallows into just about any body of water bigger than a bath tub. On Thanksgiving weekend in 1974 he convinced my Mom to travel with him from their Southern California home to a place called Willow Beach on the Colorado River in Arizona. "Home of the Trophy Trout" read the sign at the local diner. Pictures of those folks who had landed Rainbows larger than 9 pounds adorned the walls at this fine eating establishment.
Now Mom would put up with Dad's fishing addiction, and would often join him and their fishing buddies more for the card games than the actual fishing. But this trip would be different. To bring this story to a close, on Thanksgiving Day their group brought in a stringer with 7 rainbows over 5 pounds and Mom's was the biggest. Not only the biggest on the stringer, but her 13 pound trout was the largest rainbow caught on the Colorado River up to that date in 1974. Only a 13 lb. 3 oz. trout caught on December 27th kept her from winning all kinds of prizes from the Garcia/Mitchell company. She did take home one prize from that long holiday weekend, the title "World's Greatest Fisherman" at least at our house.
Thanks for letting me share Ifish, and Mom if you're reading this, Happy Mother's Day to the World's Greatest Fisherman!
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