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Springer Challenge Results

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Ok I will be the first one to post here for Team Carrot Milk....

We stunk up the river big time :depressed:

In fact the last 4 times out, including today, I have not touched a fish. :hoboy: I am in a huge slump and XTC is in the same sad droughter boat I am.
So slam us if you must but my mojo is building up and I will be back in a big way. Hopefully the next time I go out, please, please, PLEASE!

Sorry we did not make the BBQ but we were so far away from St. Helens that by the time we got there it probably would have been about over. I hope the rest of you guys laid the wood to the fish :grin:

So did we win some kind of baton?

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well team "were not worthy" stunk it up today also....we fished st helens hard as all get out.....from **** island to the mouth, from bachalor bar to marker 77 and beyond...we saw 2 fish on all day.....heard of a few others.....since team milk carrots probably fished ranieer today.....and stunk it up....i am glad i didnt chase the rainbow.... i have been waiting to hear all day their report.....my 1st thought was to follow the post from yesterday.....but i choose not to...and it still didnt pay off.....arg
white flag! we ran the clack in hopes that springer fever took everyone out of our way and on to the willi and the columbia. traffic was low but we didn't hook anything (except bob-n-jig's big wall hanger :grin: . a reel trophy fish, i tell ya'.)
My wife and I fished from clackamas to sellwood and only saw 2 caught. One guy at the ramp had 3 nice fish.
Well team "Sneakin' Out" kinda was Stinkin out there today, we flew the goose as our mascot which represented the goose egg we got.
We eventually ended up a bit downstream. Now we did have an opportunity, while bathing Quickfish, Fishalot's rod took a big dive, fish on! :grin: , we got the rods out of the water, rope thrown and then of all things Fishalot starts singing "Bye Bye Baton" :shocked: :shocked: , I told him to cool it but he made it to the second verse and Pop goes the weasily plug!

Anyway we enjoyed the day and the comraderie and the guys know more about my last weeks surgery than they wanted to know :shocked: We fished instead of joining the revelers on the island so I'm sure we missed out. These "outings" are always cool.
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This is fun to hear about!

Keep it up!

Boy oh Boy, 12 hours of drought, I'm glad it was with my Carrot bros. Good thing Shane brought plenty of refreshments :wink:

I think we were having too much fun messing around und and missed around 20 pound downs

I need sleep, I think I'm land sick :depressed:


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Well, I stunk it up, too. 56 on the front nine, slightly redeemed by a 40 on the back nine. Couldn't make a putt to save my soul. Hit a couple of nice drives, though.

Oh, wait, you guys are talking about springers. I gave those up two days ago. :wink:
We scored big time! Team Mom/Dad. We hit the zoo for the easter egg hunt and raked in 7 hershey kisses, 2 pieces of taffy and 2 reeses peanut butter cups in the 3-4 year old category, and 2 orange candies and 3 starbursts in the under 2 class. Awesome day. :cheers:

Then I got to wash one mini Van,,but to make up for the mini part, I then washed my SD Crew with a long bed, balancing my washing out to 2+ full size cars. Put together a glider for the swing set, and Child Tamed Solo from 2:00 till bed time. :grin:
I wished I could have fished, but I needed a good family fix.

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The board at Freds does not agree with the carrot skunk. So what is the real story??

Mark and the dog.
Team Shock and Awe =

I am "Shocked" that we got skunked,

And "Awed" by our inability to catch fish!

We started off at the end of Caterpillar. The guy in the boat next to us whiffed one in the first hour or so, therefore we stayed and baited, and scented and rescented, and changed quick fish, and rebaited and rescented (ugly, isn't it?)

So, then we returned to the Willie in time for the water pump on the kicker to quit and in time to watch a lady get a takedown and land a nice chromer. :mad:

Trolled the dogleg back to Fred's.

Nada, zilch, zip, none!


I'll be baack!

PS: I hate the freakin' phrase, "that's why they call it fishing and not catching!" If I hear it one more time I swear I'll vomit. :mad:
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It was nice to meet you!


Great meeting you! Thanks for tagging along. Did you dispose of the fillet o' carrot yet? :grin:

We went out at 3 pm and my dauhter got a13lber at 3:30. None for the rest of the day, we fished till 8pm. I guess I should have formed a team
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Can it be true Carrot Sticks and Co. is yanking our chain :whazzup: :tongue:

I went one for two, but the one I got to the boat had a full compliment of fins :depressed: :depressed: :depressed: Did the planets realign last night :shrug: :wink: :tongue:
Krue- Right back atchya.My pleasure.

thanks for not laughing til you got to the top of the ramp. I may as well go again tomorrow. We gotta get this trailering thing figured out. That and there is no time like the present.

Mark and the dog.
I managed one, a 12" pea mouth. Now for the bad news. My buddy next to me gets two, both hatchery. Guy next to him gets one hatchery. Next boat over has three on, crackers the first two off and the next one is a nate. Boat in line below us crackers off two and puts one in the boat a little later. You guys are fishing too far upriver! :wink: :laugh: :laugh:
Here is one fish that didn't get away. My team member and son Matt managed this little 12lb hen for his effort.

I don't want to hear the remarks about my grass and weeds! :hoboy: As soon as the season ends I'll get around to it.

Who needs springers anyways?
Disclaimer ....The boat in the photo above is Beached on the sand and is not free floating in the water. I was standing along side the boat on the ground when I took the photo. I never let my kids ride or fish in a floating boat without their PFD's . When I looked at the photo before I posted it, I thought that the angle and depth of the pic looked misleading. Giz can confirm that we were fishing from the bank.....Sorry if I offended anyone.

The kids found some entertainment value playing with the peamouths.

Hey, isn't that Giz drowning his kwikfish in that middle aluminum boat in the front line?? Yup.

It was great seeing some new and familiar faces again. Thanks Giz for pulling this together. It was fun even though the fishing was less than stellar. :cheers:

....I guess that's why they call it fishing and not catching..... :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Did you grab your vomit bag Krue? :smile:

Edit....please read my disclaimer on page 2 of this thread.

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"Golf is a sport in which the ball lies poorly but the player well" -Unknown
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