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So I have been shooting a Spot Hogg Wise Guy release for a couple of years. I Shoot a Hoyt Carbon Element at 80lbs. I shoot on average of 5 days a week 9 months out of the year. Some days 70 arrows some days only 3. But overall quite a bit.
Monday I was shooting when my release wouldn't lock every time. I called spot hogg they gave me an RA number and told me to mail it in. So I did
I got it back Thursday. Looks like a new release on my old buckle. I couldn't be more pleased. I really liked this release before, now I'll be a spot hogg shooter for a long time.
In this day of bashing companies I thought I'd pass on a positive experience. I seriously wondered that between a heavy draw weight and a lot of shooting that I just wore it out. Spot Hogg didn't seem to care

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