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Went by there sunday. WOW. Major overload when I walked in. I could do some damge there. Not sure about prices, I was busy being overwhelmed by all the goodies. Pricing all around will have to be more competitive now, so I guess us sportsman will benefit.
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I agree with you. For me it is closer than fisherman's and cheaper than G.I.Joe's.My wife told me I might as well buy stock in it because I'm always in ther anyways.Their prices are real good on most stuff but if you need anything for you boat look REAL CAREFULLY because I still think Fisherman's is still cheaper.
I agree sportsmans is great.. seeing as how there aren't any mom and pop tackle stores around and seeing as how fishermans rarely has ehat i need when i want it and for too much money I'll be happy to shop at Sportsmans..

If i had advice for the people at sportsmans it would be to drop some of the really low end rods and carry more higher end rods
Sportsman's donated prizes for the Northwest Steelheaders kid's casting game at the State Fair. My daughter won a prize, but was really disappointed that it was just some rubber bass worm thing that fell apart when she put it in her pocket. Not the way to get a kid interested in fishing ... 3¢ rubber worms don't make good prizes. For the exposure they could have had, I'd say they should have stepped up with something worthwhile. Instead, I came away thinking Sportsman's spoiled a good kid's activity with the stinginess of their prizes. They won't get my business.
Remember, G.I. Joes will price match anyones prices.

Im not too impressed with the Sportsman,s in Salem. There staff is not very smart when it comes to alot of things....Like fishing.......
I went to their store in Salem looking for some crabbing gear. Nice store but their salespeople didn't know much. They seemed to be more concerned about stocking their shelves than helping me. I find the people at Fishermens are much more knowledgable.
My wife called the Salem store to get a price on a Stearns Float coat.Was told there isn't any such thing. We bought one there anyhow. It was the only store in Salem we ould find what we wanted. To BAD they are like that.
I think that Sportsman's has a very good hunting/camping/ outdoors selection but is lacking in the fishing/boating line. So for me, I buy my fishing/boating items at Fishermn's or GI Joes and my hunting/camping gear at Sportsman's.

Pete - I worked at the Steelheaders kids/fishing booth the day you were there and all I can say is that there were TONS of kids that went away VERY HAPPY with the prizes they received, including some adults as well. You know what was real funny though, I didn't see a single thing there that was donated by GI Joes or Fisherman's.

Joe's = Northwest owned
Sportsmans = Utah owned

Joe's = ifish sponsor
Sportsmans = Not

Joe's = higher prices? Not in my expeirence. If higher, by only pennies.

Joe's customer service = crusty and knowledgeable
Sportsmans service = polite, young and not knowledgeable (imho)

Give me crusty any day.

I like Joes.
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Sportman's sucks for fishing gear.........Chris

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I guess since we are closer to the "Mother ship" the quality is better. The Sportsman's Warehouse in Boise is pretty darned good, and their fishing department is well stocked with all the stuff we need around here. It's the only place in town you can get all the gear you need for the coast or the Columbia. If Joe's opens a store here, it'd do well and I might switch loyalties. The bigger the competition, the better the prices.
I've bought a few things in Sportsmans, and I remember being pretty impressed with there selection. It's also a little closer than fishermans for me.
One thing I did notice, and judging by the past posts on a similar topic is there return policy sucks. I returned a lantern globe ($6.95) there because it was the wrong size. I had to fill out a form and then they had to get approval from the "department head"( I think he was about 14). He stared at it for a long time (you would have thought he was looking at a meteorite) and then finally accepted my return.
From what I here from the old codgers here on Ifish, you don't have to much hassle returning things at Joe's. They seem to be pretty good about price matching and returns.
Yeah, I can't imagine the swat team of "department heads" that they would have to call if someone tried to return a broken rod or something.
I'll still shop there for some things, but I make sure it's not something I'll have to return.

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Ditto what Mojo said. Give them a few months and they will have what you want and the employees to handle it. Once they understand your market and needs they will have it. Sportsmans ran the mom and pop out of here, which was grossly overpriced. Now we need someone to keep them in check. Come on Joe's!
I just wish that Joes would restock the hot items quicker!
I stopped by Sportsmans the other day and was a little disappointed.

I wanted two new Abu 6501's and knew that BiMart had them for $69.98. I figured if Sportsmans were higher could wrangle them down to the lower price(they were $74.99)and then slap down the $10 coupon that I recieved for their grand opening.

Well off to the reel counter to look things over. Stand there and look for some help. No one in sight. So I head off to pick up a few other small items. Then come back to the counter. Good there are two guys there just finishing up with a customer. Well, they ignore me an get involved in some discussion about stocking shelves and ignore me and walk away!

I put my things back and went and found the reels somewhere else. They had a lot of nice stuff in the store, but I won't be back. It's kind of hard to beat having Joes and Fisherman's right in my backyard at Delta Park. They work for me.

SERVICE guys! It cost you $150 in sales and a return customer.

Fishical Therapy
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I was at Sportsman Warehouse last week and the same thing happened to me. I stood there for about ten minutes after a salesman told me he would be back. I asked for the manager and got a
guy named Eric. Told him my problem and I also told him to go to Ifish and read all the bad PR.
He apologised and said it was because they where a new store blah blah. I told him the last time I was in there I went to the glass counter and the guys were too busy talking about their fishing trip to bother.

Do Sportsmans Warehouse a favor. Next time you go in there and have a problem like that in the
fishing dept. ask for Eric and let him know how you feel. He was a really nice guy and gave me a lot of help. They really are trying to get organized. We need competition to get prices down so we
can all buy more gear.
I went to Sportsman's at their grand opening,

I asked a salesman if they carried Rotary Salmon Killers. He didn't now what I was talking about. I went to great lengths to describe them to him. He didn't look or seek help from someone that was knowledgeable.......just said, "Sorry". I poked around and finally found a small selection of them. I grabbed one to show the guy and he had left his stocking cart. I threw it in the cart and split. I never go to FMS or Joe's and walk out without buying something fishy. I did get a free mug and some pens though.

I was not impressed. Don't think I'll go back. Just wish FMS could get a grip on their stock. I'd spend alot more money there.

Fisherman's is a bunch of 16 yr olds trying to sell gear that they have never even used before!

G.I.Joe's has a very limited selection that I have already exhausted.
Sportsman's has a lot of gear but they are more setup for warmwater than salmon/steelhead. They even have gear for Tuna but I don't hink they know it. They need a better selection of line hook sizes and swivels, the employees don't know what you ask for or where to find it. They do not have sales because they think their prices are already competitive (go off prices out of Cabela's), but I have found many items cheaper at fisherman's and joes. I talked to a gentleman who workes there and he said they have not received all their stock yet. That is the only reason I am giving them another chance (4th time). Otherwise, I would just order online or spend the time to go to englund's on the coast. Englund's might not be as big as the other stores but they have what counts and the staff know what isgoing on with the fisheries. Besides who really needs those snot-nosed brats at the stores when I have a wealth of information called IFISH.
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Hey! That's not fair bringing Englunds into this discussion. That place outclasses all other tackle stores combined.

I swear it costs me $500 every time I mention the name Englunds Marine.
i went to the one off 205/Johnson cr. and the guy behind the archery counter was great...plus I had just purchased 6 Muzzy 100gr. 3 blade braodheads for $50 at Fishermans. Sportsman's had 'em for $30. I bought 'em and will be returning the others to Fishermans.

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