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Ask the rescue crew who came out. Having seen the situation, they could give you the best answer.

I know what you mean about calling 911, it's kind of embarrassing.

I was driving down Marine Drive one rainy night near the airport I think I see headlights rolling off the road toward the airport. I'm a mile away so I slow down when I get to the spot.


Hmm...drive back a ways and see a car near the airport fence but the lights are out, no skid marks or anything...maybe that was there for a while.

I call 911 anyway. Cop shows up...he doesn't see anything and I'm feeling stupid. Finally he sees the car. Gets out...sure enough...it's warm.

A bunch of cops show up and they find the driver about 200 feet away. Stunned but OK.

I was the only one who saw it. The only call they got. If I hadn't called who knows what would have happened to the driver.

It certainly upped my courage level to call 911 the next time I "think" I see something.

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