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smoker price question

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Im thinking of buying a big chief smoker from fred meyers for 80 dollars :shocked: and was wondering if this was a decent price or if I should look else where? Thanks.
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Look elsewhere! I bought one from BIMART for about 30 bucks cheaper i believe 2 years ago!
the big chief for $50 :shocked: !! Never seen the price that cheap for the large rectangle top loader.

I paid $79. for mine 3 seasons back and seems to be the round about asking price. :smile:

Got my little chief for $48.00 from freddies about 2 seasons ago.

:smile: Smily :smile:
Stop by a applience store ask for a few old oven racks, I had to promise fish for mine. build a plywood box that both racks well fit in with a little room at the bottom for one of them electric burners like you take camping, next go to a thrift store, and get a non-teflon coated pan, the ones that come in the boyscout cooking kit work great(put your wet chips in it). drill a few holes in the top in one of the holes place a turkey term. the hole thing for under 20 bucks (if you recycle wood)....one thing to note the door must be a slide type or to much smoke escapes, the great thing about a all wood smoker is the ease of controling the heat. the burner has a heat setting and the wood holds heat better then the little chief. I bilt mine with the plywood on the inside of the frame, this way the 4 2x4's that make up the corners are extended bigger then the box so I have legs that bring it up to waist level, I painted it up and is now in its 3 year of service, I have to replace the burner this year, but if I find a bigger pan it would have lasted longer the fish drip salty water into the rim and now the knod dont work, it still heats but looks bad so I well replace it....DJ
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I bought the big chief on sale at fishermans for around 50 last year. 80 is way too much, I would imagine that bimart will have it cheaper, even without a sale.
I thought that the price seemed kind of steep, I'll try looking around somemore, thanks alot guys. :smile:
Check ebay. There are usually lots of them for a decent price. Even with shipping. Or you can check in the local area and meet with someone.
Got mine at a garage sale. It was only used once. If you have time I have seen others since. The degree of 'aging' might vary though.
Ask Bait O Eggs. I hear he makes a model he calls "The Bonfire" that really does a good job.
Ask Bait O Eggs. I hear he makes a model he calls "The Bonfire" that really does a good job.
<font size="2" face="verdana,arial,helvetica">:laugh:

Geek that was the old model. The new one is the "2 alarm". :wink: :grin:
I bought the big chief front loader on sale at Bi-Mart for $50 ,works great. I think it was in January?
i built one last weekend out 24 gauge steel 1 piece of 4x8.probaly could throw whole dang deer in it,lots of welding and cutting though, set up to burn chunks of wood no burners to wear out.an ol fridge from the 60's is the best there is however.
FISHKLR, Believe me now! :smile: Mines the front loader and i thought i got it for 50 bucks!
Compare BiMart and Fishermans Marine. $80 is too high.
ck out bob's in longview
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