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Siuslaw Steelhead Guides

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My good friend is finaly comming to fish Oregon and I want to take him on a trip on the Siuslaw or Alsea or Elk/Sixes. I know some guides for the Alsea/Elk but not for the Siuslaw. Anyone have a good trip with a guide or want to recomend one for that river?
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Cutthroat, I recently booked a trip with Angler's Choice guide service on the Alsea. We had a great day on the water and the service was excellent. The guide, Troy, was very knowledgable about the river and was a pleasure to be with. He told me that he fishes the Siuslaw alot with good success, and I am going to book with him soon for a trip on the Siuslaw. If you want contact information pm me, I have one of his cards.
O.K. Just talking about it made me want to go fishing! I just booked a trip for next week! Troy said we can go fish the Siuslaw or Alsea next week if the rivers are fishable. If not we are going to go sturgeon fishing on the Columbia! Don't hate me but I am hoping for the sturgeon trip!!! If you stay tuned, I will let you know how we do! :smile:
Hey cutthroat I can maybe hook you up with a guide who is in my opinion one of the best guides in the state.

I have fished with him many many times and if there is one fish in a whole river system its gonna end up in his boat.

I have probably fished 100 trips with him over the years and every time we out fish everyone on the water other guides included.

he fishes all over the state but mainly fishes the siuslaw and lake creek in the winter. he and I have had tons of days where the fish catching was well into the double digits I know you would not be disapointed with him.

he isnt cheap and is usually booked a year in advance but I think he said he had some steelhead trips open.

let me know and I can set you up to talk with him.
I dont figure its cool to post his name on here since he isnt an advertiser. anyway if your interested let me know
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Well the trip was off, but now it's back on again and he's coming up. You think we could still get a trip with a good guide in such short notice (6 dayz)?
thats hard to say. with the rivers going up and down like mad I am sure lots of guides are trying to make up lost trips. I wish I could give ya the name of a guide for the river that I have personally fished with before but my buddy is booked solid for the next 2 years :shrug:

I have fished around a few other guides from our area and I can tell you honestly that fish on northwest is one of the hardest working guides I have seen on the river. hopefully they dont edit out that name dont know for sure what the rules are on that kind of stuff.

anyway thats the best info I can give you on a guide with short notice I believe he has a website under the same name if ya want to look him up




I haven't had the personal pleasure of fishing with either of them, but they have a great reputation on the rivers you mentioned.

Cuttthroat, an update for you. Because of the river levels, we didn't make it to the Siuslaw. Instead we went down south to the Coquille river. Had a great day and really enjoyed myself. I went 4 for 4 hookups! :dance: That's the most steelhead I have ever had in Oregon! Sorry for the delay in updating, but we were waiting for the rivers to drop for a couple of weeks. Anyway good luck if you find a ride for your friend. The rivers look like they are dropping into shape, and I hope to get out this next week. Out of respect for guides who support ifish, I won't post the name of the guide service. But if anyone is interested I have his info and will give it out to anyone who wants it.
Go to the Elk or Sixes, go to the Elk or Sixes, and Go to the Elk or Sixes.....

Need I say more?
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