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Fished out of Florence this weekend. Had heard mixed reports about the river so we decided to try our luck in the ocean. I had never fished out of the Siuslaw before but heard that a dredge had just spent 7 days doing its thing at the mouth. The ocean was in OK shape and after Friday's wind had laid down rather nicely. Dropped in at around 90 feet and trolled out to about 120. Nothing. picked up and ran out to 240' and dropped back in and started picking up fish. No chinook and about 3:1 nate's to hatchery coho. Finally found a decent concentration of fish but we had a deadline with the wives back on shore at noon so we had to pick up and leave one shy of the limit. On the bright side the two biggest fish were both keepers (12#'S)!!! Picked up one of the big boys down deep 75' on a coyote everything else near surface on bait.

Sunday we looked for a repeat performance but the CG had the bar closed due to a minus tide. weather was again great but alas we trolled at the river mouth hoping they were going to open it, looked doable but we aren't the experts. They had not opened it by the time we had to pull our gear and head home. For that reason I like Winchester, a bigger river and deeper so it is not as affected by minus tides. I could hear on the radio that it was open and wished I was down there. River fishing is great when there are cooperative fish but this weekend was just drowning bait. Spoke with the fish checker on Sunday and she had heard a rumor of one being caught in the river but that was it. But after a three year hiatus from the salt it felt good to get some blood in the boat.
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