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I decided to go hit the Siletz for a little bobber fun today. I fish up above at the head of Tidewater. I guess there were 10 or 15 caught down at chinook bend by the hog line quick fishers. I managed one beautiful little 10 lb Chrome buck :grin: on straight Procured Eggs. Had to work for him though. Fished hard for about 5 hours waiting for high tide. I have always had the most hookups just before high slack in the deep holes that have a sharp ledge or drop offs near the shore. The other fish caught up around the head of tidewater today had more color on them than I would keep but there are a few fish that came up with last weeks small spot of rain. Sounds like the place to be was down in the coyote rock Chinook Bend area today. Tight lines!! LuckyDuck1
A one fish day is always more acceptable than a no fish day!!!! But being on the water is never a bad thing!!!
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