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There were so many chinook in PDX, I felt compelled last weekend to go down to the Siletz and get skunked. This is the forth year (though not in a row) that I've been skunked on the Siletz. There is something about the Siletz tidal water that's got it's hooks in me. Someday I will catch a hog there. Last weekend I fished out of Coyote Rock. Out of ~300 boats, I saw about 7 fish in two days at Coyote. I had another weekend booked this week which I cancelled after last week deja vu'ed me. People were so soured last weekend at Coyote that they were talking about what happened to the run. Some said either the run was very late, or a flood four years ago damaged the run more than was first thought.

Take it for what it's worth, but I'll hit it this time next year. With my luck the lower river will be on fire this weekend. If you fish it, send us a report.

Good Luck!
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