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1, 2017

This is a dreaded day for me.

I tossed and turned in my sleep, not ever wanting to wake up to the memories
of this day in 2012, when, the day after I lost him, I wrote:


Andrew Allen Martin

August 12, 1987 - August 31, 2012

"Andrew was my intelligent, hilarious, awesome to
be around-free spirit, and I loved him more than anyone can imagine. He
always made me laugh, no matter what.

He was so alike me. We both appreciated the little things in life, and he
had that same excitement over things like the way Fall felt in the air,
or maybe things that reminded us of our Hawaii trip. Just that excitement
in life.

We were marfan buddies and could relate to each other. I can't help but
feel alone, and jut a tad more afraid, now. But, I loved him so much that
I'm relieved that he no longer has to fight the things to come. He'd complain
often about the pain of marfan, but at the same time, pack up to go somewhere
to visit friends, as if he could just forget the pain, and move on. Life
was bigger than marfan syndrome for him.

Selfishly, there are so many things I'll miss, that I can't stop the tears.
I can't sleep, even though I know he's no longer in pain and in a better

David is my rock, and he is with me. They were best friends having been
born only 13 months apart. They were always side by side in just about everything.
I don't know how David is going to do this. So sad that they aren't going
to grow old together, and always have each other. It doesn't seem fair at

Life will go on, but I can't help but think that these past two years have
dealt some unusually tough blows to our family. I guess I'm about to find
out how strong, or weak, I really am."

Well, I'm not very strong, I guess. But, I keep going. Don't
we all? But, it seems I'm being slapped around, quite a bit, still! All
I can do, now, is laugh. Why not?

Actually, things have gotten a bit better in the last few. I'm so appreciative
of good things!

For one, I had eye surgery last week, and I thought it left me unable to
drive. But, I'm better, now! I can see! Whooopeee! I can drive! Safely!

Then, I guess the Sheriff has a guy in custody that may have stolen my car.
I'm going to get a subpoena to be on the grand jury. That sounds scary!

And finally... (here's a tip!) I called to talk to an AT&T supervisor.
You have to get a call back for these angels of AT&T. Let me tell you.

In fact, if you ever have one of those, "OK. Let me start from the
very beginning!" problems with AT&T, get a supervisor! Telling
those stories over and over, really wear on my patience! I mean, I've been
having troubles with this company for over 6 months, and the story is really
long! This supervisor angel-lady took care of everything in one, short,
fell swoop! (What is a fell swoop?!)

Oh, yeah! And is it "invoke" or "evoke"? Look it up!
I did! It's interesting!

and so Fall is in the air. No longer can we be surprised by that lightness
in the air. It's time for it to be Fall. It's September.


Sure evokes (invokes?)
emotions for me.

September has always been a difficult month for me. I mean,
think of it... School starts in September, so as young kids, we are conditioned
to feel badly about the end of summer, and the start of (ugh) school!

The end of summer is bad enough, but school? Agh! So, why on earth is it
the day I had to lose my son, also?

I look at my fading blooms on the deck, and wonder how long they might look
OK enough to keep out. Oh, sadness. I love my flowers, and the birds in
flight on the back porch are so thin, now!

But, I have something to look forward to, now. It's a long ways till then,
but oh, Spring! When my heart goes dancing! I can't wait!

Until then, I'm going to count and appreciate each blue sky day. Whether
it be the powdery blue of winter, or the bright, deep blue of summer. They
dance in front of us, like reminders of each and every season to come.

I'm thankful that I have had so many! We can't promise ourselves that we
will even have one more, so when you look up at that bright blue sky, today,
don't complain of the heat! Be thankful that you have one, right before
you to enjoy!

5, 2017

I think I've figured out why I'm not writing as much. I used
to be more awake when I woke up in the morning. I've noticed that I have
those, "Oh! I have to write about this!" moments more thru out
the day, rather than in the morning.

No, that's not it. I've always had those thoughts thru the day. I just don't
have the writing bug in the morning. I feel more like writing in the afternoon.
I'm going to have to try that.

As it is, my schedule is the same, but not quite as routine. I used to always
get up at 5 or 6, and now, when I don't sleep well, I'm known to get up

My sister complained to me, once when she called early. I was still asleep.
"You used to be my early morning buddy!"

I thought that was so ironic, because I had the same experience with my
Dad. He was always my early morning buddy, but as he got older, he'd sleep
in. I called him once, very early and felt awful, because he was sleeping.

It also made me sad. We don't like change! So when I heard my sister's disappointment,
I could clearly understand. I didn't want to be the source of her disappointment
or change!

I'm going to start getting up at the break of dawn, again. I must! Sleeping
in is having an effect on my writing and probably many other aspects of
my life!

Is this also why I'm not playing music as much?

I think much of my productivitiy is affected.

It's been heavy on my mind, the thought of selling my home in Oregon City
and moving back to the coast, full time.

It's hard for me to let go of my son, though. Especially since losing Andrew.

I think about all the cooking I once did, here, and I wonder how it will
be, cooking without the enjoyment of my kids, who once loved everything
I made, here. Will it feel hollow to bake a pie and watch it sit on the
counter for days? Yes. :) Bill enjoys my cooking, but both of our appetites
are less than they once were!

Also, I feel like my home is my only asset. Now, isn't that funny! I can't
even afford it! Even though the value is going up, the dang thing is keeping
me in debt! I have to get my thinking straight!

I know it's not fair to think my son should move to Tillamook with Bill
and I, but that's what I wish, in my heart of hearts. I know it's not reasonable,
nor best for David, but frankly, that's what my wishes are! I'm being honest,
but again... I'm not thinking straight!

Man... this smoke is choking me out! It looks so eerie and scary out! I
heard this man describe it on the news last night, and he used the most
descriptive and right-on word for it. He said, "It's kind of dystopian
out!" It is! I immediately liked this guy! I love it when people have
me learn new words and they are so perfect for the occasion!

Well, I'm sad. I have to head back to the city, where it's even smokier
and hotter than here. I have to be there for 2 weeks while I do more doctor
things. Sigh.

I don't want to leave my little nest on the coast...

Good bye, river! I'll be back!

8, 2017

Out of the heavy smoke filled air came a deep rumble from far away. I think it was thunder, but with all the smoke and the sun hidden deep in the heavy clouds, I couldn't even tell if we were clouded in.

I was having trouble breathing and my eyes were itchy and swollen from all the ash.

The air feels so heavy!! It was the thickest I had in memory. I felt like I had to push through the air to move! Even at a leisurely walking pace, sweat collected on my skin. I kept on, though, letting Willie lead the way, pulling me on. He, too, could feel the effort. His tail wagged low, and his tongue hung near to the ground.

The feel of the day brought back memories of late baseball games, sitting in the bleachers at the elementary school in Canby.

It was the perfect day for a snow cone.

Willie knew! He headed me to Chapin park. The park was full of gamers. I mean that in the old-school way. Ball-games. I laughed to myself, thinking of the Pokemon type gamers of last year at the park. Remember that? The local parks were full of any-age people, head down, staring at their devices!

No. These "gamers" belonged here in my mind. They fit. This is how I know a park to be, but where oh where were the darn snow cones?!

The park was more full of people than I can ever recall. It was festive! Laughter in the distance, overtaken by screams from Moms cheering their kids on or swearing the coach. I couldn't decide which. Little ones played on the swings over in the corner.

Families spread blankets on the soft, watered park grasses. It brought to mind "Sunday in the Park with George".

I wish I hadn't seen the actual play with Bernadette Peters when I was in New York, because it changed my entire feel of my prior impression of the painting. This was different. This was "Thursday in the park with Willie".

Thursday in Chapin park with Willie was like most evenings at Eccles school in Canby in the late summer. It just doesn't sound as good. :)

I still couldn't find a snow cone, though. Do they even still have them? I know they have those new frozen ice thingies, sold from a specialized cart in downtown Portland, but what happened to a regular old snow cone? I don't even know if I'd still like them, but the weather called me to eat one. I needed one!
I needed the paper on the bottom to soften and leak sticky grape goo down my arm!

Willie got only so far into the park, looked around and found it wasn't to his liking, that day. I think it was too crowded for him. Where would he run? The only good in what he saw was that people were eating dinner on their blankets. Right at ground level. I was glad he turned me around, because I could see that problem coming! Nothing like having your dog out of control, while he stuck his nose into someone's dinner!

Sooo, just as we entered Chapin park, we turned around and Willie took me to the water faucet for a drink. He drank and drank until I thought the water would run dry. Everything is thirsty around here. Water heals. Before I left, I watered everything that had been ignored for the summer. I even watered the tall trees. They thanked me! Things like my hydrangeas and my
rhododendrons' leaves were getting dry and crispy and improved, nearly the instant I soaked them. I heard them crackle and pop in glee. What a summer it has been!

Everything seems.. what was that word? Dystopic? No, Dystopian! The hurricanes marching in line to destroy Florida and the East Coast, the earthquake in Mexico, and the forest fires right here in my home state. There is an eerie, scary, 911 type "dystopian" feel to Fall, this year and I want it to change!

I so badly wanted to take a walk as soon as I heard that thunder in the sky because I wanted to take part in the chance that big, fat drops of miracle-water would fall from thru the thick air! Water that would cleanse the air, clear it, and feed the plants and soften all of the harsh things that are happening in this world.

Miracle water cures all ills!

It hasn't rained yet, but it will. And I'm going to be outside, when it does! I want it to fall right down on my dusty skin because I want to be cleansed, too! A baptism of sorts! A cleansing of my fears for everything and everyone who needs help and protection and healing, right now.

We all need an entire river of it to heal the world, right now.

Please Lord, let us have rain!

And until then, can someone find me a snow cone?

9, 2017


Willie and I love to work in the garden!

10, 2017

I'm glad I woke up to Willie digging potatoes. Gotta laugh! That's the best video I've done, with Willie and the potatoes. I just can't remember to do my videos vertical, lately! Darnit! And no way to edit that! But, watch it! Oh, and by the way, if you want to make any video bigger, there is a little button to push in the bottom right corner that makes it big. (But doesn't fix vertical, darnit!) If you want big, here's big!

Get this. :)

Yesterday afternoon I was minding my business, and thought I'd catch up on ifish e mail.
Recall that I had everything all settled with AT&T, right? Yeah. Right.

On my list of e mails, I see one from AT&T that looks important. It was! It reads:

The wireless number (insert my main phone number) is no longer associated with Access ID (insert my login). This change may be due to a request you made, or the wireless account may have been closed.

To log in to myAT&T, (Blah, blah, blah....)

We value your business and look forward to serving you. (Ha!)

Thank you for choosing us,


Out of curiosity, I picked up my cell phone to make a call and it would do nothing! They had deleted my phone number and service! Oh...My... WORD!

So, I called AT&T I have the number memorized, now, and not just the 611 one. I have the long one memorized! Was this a fraud e mail or a joke or? What?

I don't know what's going on with AT&T, but just "oh my"...sigh!

Lucky that I called. Lucky that I checked my e mail when I did, because my phone number was in rotation at that very moment, to be assigned to someone new!

I asked why it happened. No one knows. No one! Not even their tier 2 or 3 tech support folks! So, I have no way to be assured it won't happen again.

I just don't get it. For upwards of 30 years (Yes! Since I lived in Cannon Beach as a twenty-something) I have had AT&T service, and have been so happy, until Directtv bought them out.

Before the last six months, I was the girl to glow in surveys when they asked me to rate their service.
Since the merger, though, they have been a nightmare.

Mistake after mistake after long 3 hour (I kid you not!) phone conversations! Phone conversations, where we almost have everything figured out (again) and the call is dropped and no one calls me back, so that we have to start all over. And sometimes I get terrible people and have to hang up and start again with the story from the very beginning. Frankly, I think I've spent more time on the phone with tech support than I have sleeping!

Bill knows about these long phone calls, and when I'm on the phone, he'll say, "AT&T?" and we'll both laugh. It's always AT&T!

Then, last night, I tried to check my e mail and ifish, and no service. So, it was on the phone with Xfinity for a couple hours. Xfinity has been pretty good, though. I have been very lucky with Xfinity. Yes. They are overpriced, but it's almost worth it, because their tech support actually supports me! I finally got the internet working at about midnight, last night, and fell exhausted, into my bed.

I used to love technology, but lately, not so much!

I think about (you guessed it) living on the river, again, but this time, without cell phones or internet. Wouldn't that be fun?
Well... let's not go that far...

The weirdest thing happened mid afternoon, yesterday! I walked outside and there was this liquid stuff, falling from the sky! Did you see it? Feel it?

We had enough rain so that all of the dust and goo on all of the plants around me collected enough water to form little rivers, and fall off the tips of the leaves until the leaf was clean!

This morning, the world is fresh, and full of bright, clean sunshine!

This is my Father's World!!!

It's a gorgeous Fall day, and I'm going to Fall into it like a child falling into a pile of crunch leaves! I remember that old feeling of loving Fall, and I'm really liking it!

After having some really tough things happen in the Fall, my love for the season was a bit dampened, but I think that hurt to my soul is healing! YAY!

This is my Father's world,

And to my list'ning ears

All nature sings, and round me rings

The music of the spheres.

This is my Father's world:

I rest me in the thought

Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas-

His hand the wonders wrought.

This is my Father's world:

The birds their carols raise,

The morning light, the lily white,

Declare their Maker's praise.

This is my Father's world:

He shines in all that's fair;

In the rustling grass I hear Him pass,

He speaks to me everywhere.

This is my Father's world:

Oh, let me ne'er forget

That though the wrong seems oft so strong,

God is the ruler yet.

This is my Father's world,

The battle is not done:

Jesus who died shall be satisfied,

And earth and Heav'n be one.

And then, there is...

"i thank You God for most this amazing day!" by e.e. cummings

I don't know which fits better, so I'm going to write a song with them both! :)

That's the awesome thing about life. We are so blessed to be able to wake up and start new!

After my car was stolen and I had been thru trial after trial, "Jennie, sometimes there is something wonderful about having nowhere to go, but up." That is so true!

15, 2017

Oh! What a beautiful morning! I love these mid September
"clean window" days! Ever notice how the sunshine in the Fall
makes you want to clean your windows? Car windows, garage windows, big
picture windows! It's that late summer auburn sunshine, especially in
the mornings, that show every cobweb or streak on your windows!

I guess that's what I'll be doing, today!

I'm so relieved! I'm so relieved in so many ways! (giggle)

OK. I had to have a colonoscopy. Let's talk about this as adults, shall

I'm high risk, so the good doc didn't want to do a real one on me, so
first, I had to do what they call a "FIT" test. I'm not going
into details at all, here, but it's just less invasive. I flunked that.
I knew I would! My body just doesn't work like normal bodies do, and it
seems I flunk everything. They found I was bleeding somewhere, in both
FIT tests. I was so bummed. I thought there was a chance I wouldn't have
to have a colonoscopy and go through all that prep. But, of course, that
didn't work out.

Our family doc for this kind of thing, Dr. Mark Schiele is so awesome.
I trust him with everything that needs to go down, in this matter. So,
he said I had to be checked into the hospital, instead of doing it in
his clinic, like the rest of my family. Bummed.

I had driven my brother to his test, and it was so efficient and quick,
in the clinic. But, no. I'm in the hospital. No fair!

Turns out, that was no big deal. It's the prep that is awful and ohhhh
is it awful!

This was my first colonoscopy. Seems to me, that in all fairness, I shouldn't
have to be put thru these awful tests. I have enough visits to the hospital!
Right? Frankly, NO ONE should have to go through this! But, it saves lives.
So, we do it!

I was to fast all day, the day before, and then fill this entire huge
tank, it seemed, to the fill line and drink this medicine, starting in
the evening. It was huge!

But not to worry.. .I had a "flavor packet" to add to it, to
make it go down easy. NOT! Oh, this stuff is awful! They had all kinds
of hints and tips to make it go down. "Drink it with a straw so that
you can't taste it". "Have a hard candy in your mouth, while
you drink it!" Yuck. Nothing made a bit of difference! It was just

I do have one tip, though, that really helped me get thru this day. Three
trips to the store later, after accidently buying red things and then
orange things... (They ask you not have red or orange, as it shows up
as inflammation in your intestines). So, I finally cast my gaze upon the
popsicle aisle, and oh my! Tropical popsicles! I checked and rechecked
and it looked like I could have these! It was just sugar in the ingredients.
They were SO good! So, I'd have a popsicle in one hand, and the glass
of salty goo in the other. I'd chug the goo until I just couldn't, and
then stick that popsicle in my mouth to take the taste away. Try that,
if you have to. Those things actually taste like substance. Like you are
having some kind of chewable food item. Oh, they are good and I actually
think I'll have one, today! The mango is the best!

I was to drink half the gag meds in the evening, and get up at 2:30 in
the morning to drink the rest. That's tough to do! I ended up falling
asleep for about 2 hours, somewhere in there, and that's all the sleep
I got, all night long!

There has GOT to be a better way. This is really hard on your system!
It bugs me, because then, you have to go to the hospital, when you are
fragile and unwell, in the first place. It seems like your system is already
compromised, so that if you run into any viruses at the hospital, your
body isn't up to resisting it. Oh well. It is what it is, and David, my
son, drove me to the hospital.

He's a hero. He worked all night, and then took Momma in for her test.
Did I ever tell you I love my son? :)

So, I couldn't believe it, when the doc came in after my test, and said
I had a totally normal and healthy colon! I was so happy! Something went
right! I'm not used to hearing that I have no problems!

Oh, what a beautiful morning it is!

But, I'll tell you one thing, you don't lose weight from fasting the day
before, because the day prior to the fasting day, you want to eat everything,
knowing full well you will starve the next day, and afterwards, you are
so hungry that everything in the house is in jeopardy! Plus, David took
me out to breakfast right afterwards at Biscuits and I had three blueberry
pancakes, 2 eggs, and bacon, and I ate the entire thing! Tee hee!

And now, I get to go back home to the river! I can't wait, and neither
can Willie!

Oh, what a beautiful day it is when you can say, "Look Ma! No polyps!"

20, 2017

At first, I loved the sound of the rain. It'd been so long.
My lawn looked better, the very first day! I swear it turned green overnight!
For the first time, I didn't water my lawn every day. Partially, because
I can't afford it, but partially because this soil is so filled with clay
that it just runs off and down the drain! That seemed like a waste to
me, so I just let it go. My neighbors mostly did, too, so at least we
all matched! :)

Being a lawn snob, it was very difficult to look at. I have so many good
memories of late summer and early Fall, sitting on my beautifully manicured
lawn at my parents. That is where I got my first kiss! I'll never forget
that first kiss! We had walked home from a football game, and sat on my
lawn to visit. He liked me! He liked me! And oh... was he cute! He was
French and a foreign exchange student. I wish I could spell his name,
but I guess it's best not to, on the public internet! :)

I kept my window open, the first night it rained. It was so soothing that
I couldn't turn the television on. I just wanted to hear that soft rain.

The next day, it was still raining, and a girlfriend and I went to Mary
S Young dog park, sat under a covered picnic table, drinking starbucks
and listening to the most awesome rolling thunder, and watching the lightning!
So much fun! It was lightning and thunder that reminded both of us of
the deep South. Not of Oregon at all! That's kind of scary, isn't it?
Plus, the tornadoes?

And oh my gosh! The natural disasters around the world! And the spooky
coincidence of having an earthquake in Mexico on the exact date, the anniversary
of the big quake in Mexico city! September 19th, 1985, when it killed
so many, many people!

The hurricanes, that seemingly roll in, one after the other! They moved
some of the victims off of some of the worst hit islands to where now,
the new hurricane will hit! What's going on? Craziness! Just plain crazy!

You can't help but wonder if this is the start of the end times. You know,
I realize that all generations have thought that, with the increase in
awful things that any said generation will feel happen as they age, but
this? This is the craziest yet! My hope is that my son's generation will
not have it worse yet!

The spookiest thing I read in a column of Bill Monroe's maybe 10 years
ago? Was about global warming and the possibility of rivers on the coast,
turning into habitat that more likely would support bass. Let me see if
I can find that column...

No, I can't. I will write to him to see if it's still publicly listed.
But, the things he said then spooked me, and now I look around, and see
the very real possibility of those things! I don't want bass in the Kilchis!

I do love the rain, though. It's refreshing and wonderful and the sound
of thunder is one of my favorite things. It reminds me of the power of
"My Father's World". As I look outside at the bright, fresh
air, all cleansed by the recent rains, it's the first song that comes
to mind.

You know? I think I need to be out there! "Come on, Willie! Let's
go run!"

And, after that, I get to go home to my river! I had two surgeries in
a month's time! I'm sure ready for the river!

24, 2017

It's Fall!

It's that confusing time of Fall where you get up in the morning, shiver,
and pull on a sweater. By noon, you are wishing you had a tank top on!
Well, some days! I guess that kind of weather is coming up later this
week. It's supposed to be in the mid 80's. Fun!

Not so fun, though, if you have a Springer Spaniel that just had foot
surgery, and you need to keep his bandage dry. No river for the wicked!

When I came home, here on the coast, I went down to the river to find
my canoe full to the brim with water. We have a special hose to siphon
these kinds of problems. This time, though, I was lucky!

I watch this show that fast became my favorite. I think it's almost over,
because the lead actress, Ami, has stage 4 lung cancer and currently,
may be facing her last days. Makes me so sad!

I have come to love the family as portrayed on "Alaskan Bush People".
I have learned so much from how they do things!

I learned how to bring my heavy canoe up the bank! I took sticks and small
logs that I found on the river bank, and lay them like a track, up the
bank. As long as I can lift the front of the canoe up on the first log,
I can simply roll it the rest of the way up the track! It is so much easier!

Anyhow, when I found it full of water, I knew from past experience, that
I can't roll it over to empty it, unless it's shallow water. Regardless,
I tried, as I always do, not giving it much hope. But, due to the log
track, it rolled over so easily! Usually, the canoe digs into the sand
and won't move, but up on the track, it couldn't dig in, and was a bit
rolled over, already. One easy push and splash! All the water came rushing
out! Yay! Thank you, Bush family!

Today I'm going out canoeing, and I can't wait! There is a chance there
may be salmon in the water, and this is the time of year I live for in
the canoe! There is nothing more fun that following a school of salmon
around the deepest hole! I get as big of a rush watching them, as I do
having one on the end of my line! In fact, as I get older, I think I love
it even more!

So, I'm hoping for little to no wind on the water, and a big school of
salmon in the water! As much fun as it is to see them, you know darn well
what will happen next! I mean, if they are there, I have to have one for
dinner, of course! Hahahahaha!

But, I won't be fishing for them in the canoe! LOL.

Makes me think of once, when I refiberglassed a small boat and took it
to the Necanicum to fish for salmon. I got one on, and that darn little
boat nearly tipped over! I cut it loose, and NEVER again! That was so

30, 2017

I keep forgetting to talk about this, but below are a few
things that would help people to navigate ifish more easily:
Don't use the back button.

I know, I'm guilty, also, but there is button both at the top and bottom
of the threads you read. The buttons will take you back to the topic list.
The button at the bottom says "Go Fish" and the button at the
top lists the forum you are in. So, if you are reading in Life in General
and want to go back to the forum list to browse the other topics, just
go to the top and click on the forum name only, where it lists: www.ifish.net
> Ifish Fishing and Hunting > Life in General. I
have bolded where you should click on that forum.

You see, the forum software tracks what you have read, and what you haven't,
so when you use the back button, it won't do that for you. If you use
the appropriate buttons, then you will see that things you haven't read,
including individual posts, will be bolded. Then, when you read them,
it takes the bold away, and it's normal font. It's kind of nice, once
you get used to it!
Tick Remember me when you login!
If you don't, you'll be logged out within 15 minutes,
and then you will have to re login in order to post. There is nothing
more frustrating that to start writing a long post, go to hit "enter"
or whatever, and it won't post, because you've been logged out! Agh! So,
when you login, tick "remember me". Just please remember that
if you are in a public space, to log out, once you leave!
Use the Alert Button!

Please, the moderators do not read every post, and we expect the membership
to self moderate the board. Ifish is what you want it to be, so if you
see something inappropriate or against our rules, (See here) Alert it
by clicking on the report button,
at the bottom left of every post, and fill out why you think it should
be moderated.

I can't tell you the times that people alert and say, "so this is
allowed now?" As if we have read it and OK'd it. :) Nope! We hadn't
even seen it and we appreciate your help SO much!

You can also use this to let us know that a thread is awesome, and should
be featured on the front page. These threads need to have at least one
good picture.

If you like these tips, please
let me know
and I'll do some more of them, when I have a minute!

It's raining! I kind of like it!

You know, it's frustrating, but I have to giggle. I'm beginning to think
that God's true test of long lasting and happy relationships is that when
men get older, they get cold, and when women get older, they have hot
spells. This can lead to some pretty uncomfortable moments! Bill is turning
up the heat, and I'm sweating, tearing my clothes off and running outside!
The "cool" setting on my hair dryer is my best friend!

I bought him a heated blanket, but what do I buy me? A cooling blanket?

I'm really excited for Fall. I can't wait to wear a sweater, instead of
a tank top and shorts, for once! But, frankly, will I be that cool? Or,
will Bill blast the heat on, and I'll have to buy a kiddy pool to sit
in, to watch TV with him? LOLOLOL

This too shall pass! (OR I'm going to pass out!)



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