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The Coast, Oregon and Washington



and Mom riding in the truck, together!

1, 2014

Happy September!!!

I made it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of my son's death. I did alright all day long,
but at the very last hour, I couldn't shake it. It was the most awful, sad,
tragic moment and I couldn't wait to get to sleep so that it would end. But...
I made it!

I was never one to understand why certain dates made any difference in missing
someone, but last night, I understood, completely.

So glad it is a new day, even if it is Fall!

You know, about a week or more ago, I decided to take some time off of the
mod board. Frankly, I have tried this for years. Fifteen, to be exact. I wanted
time off to not worry, to not be absorbed, to not get up each morning and
go directly to the computer. Perhaps, to sit at the bird window, sip my coffee
and talk to Bill about how few there are, right now.

He doesn't get a newspaper on Monday, so we could sit together, and twiddle
our thumbs as the day became brighter with each sip of coffee.

Yeah. That.

No computer. No mod board. No arguing or fights to try to smooth over. No
complaints, not even any kudos! No ifish! Just... nothing stuff!

So, I arranged it, and I took some time off.

It's been lovely, but I can't say that I haven't peaked! See, I still get
e mail alerts, darnit, and if I see my name, or something that piques my interest,
then I peak! Darnit.

So, I think I'm going to make a filter and have it all go to one box, so that
I'm not so tempted. I need a complete and thorough break from things.

The doctor said "No stress!" and he meant it this time. So, I'm
following orders. You know me. I always follow doctors orders. (Muhahahahahah!)

Anyhow, I'm having fun. Yesterday, Bill and I went to my friend Kim's. I have
known Kim since I was probably 12. We took piano lessons together and met
at the studio of Lillian Pettibone.

Since then, we have been fast friends, always keeping in touch. She plays
violin, runs the farm, and teaches a bit.

They have a lovely farm. Her husband, Jeff, is the manager or something at
the lake corp. for Lake Oswego.

They have a lovely farm out in Buxton, and they had about 60 people or so
out for their annual Labor Day get together.

Jeff is in a band as he has been for what? 30 years? It's called the Tennesseans.
They played, good food was everywhere and Willie the Springer Spaniel, being
the true music lover he is, danced the day away.

Here's a clip:

So, if anyone needs me, use the contact form, but I'm not checking things like
I usually do. I will be back, though! Just let me breathe a bit. First time
I have breathed in 15 years!

2, 2014

Oh, you guys.... if ANYONE wants the most awesome
Springer Spaniel, here is the breeder of all breeders! This
is where my family gets all of our Springers, and Ruth, the
lady who raises them is the best! She has puppies to go, now,

I was offered one, and it's just killing me. I feel so badly,
because I want one so bad, but Willie just wouldn't do well,
I don't think.

When she says "raised with lots of TLC, you should see
these puppies! They are so used to being fussed over, that they
just sit there to let her do her thing. No squirming, etc. They
are just dolls!


Oh, I cannot even look!

I WANT ONE so bad!

These are quality bench bred AKC English Springer Spaniels puppies
and they are ready to go NOW.

Raised with lots of TLC.

Tales docked, dew claws removed, health guarantee, UPTD on age
appropriate vaccinations and wormings.

3 BW, 4 LW, 1 Black tri, and 1 Black sable.




email [email protected]

or call 503-842-7983. Just leave a message and she will return
your call.

Oh, you guys... These are the most awesome springer
pups I have ever seen, and I just had to let you know. I cannot
have one. I have decided I just can't.
But, you can!!! LOL

September 6, 2014

I think Fall is probably the most nostalgic season of all. At least, for me.

With every hot wind that blows, it smacks me in the face with another memory.

Last night I was watering the lawn, and standing on my porch when my neighbor popped his head over the fence, and told me he was fishing B-10, tomorrow. It sent me sailing back to a hot summer day, when Bill and I were experiencing one of the best bites of a lifetime.

Dang. Searched the site over for the picture, but can't find it. I was wearing a tank top. Imagine that. A tank top at B-10! It was one of those really hot east wind days, and this East wind day, the fish were biting!

When the fish weren't biting, I sat on the back of the boat, over where you wash your hands, and dangled my feet in the water. Yes, it was that warm! I remember it being kind of scary, with all the fish in the river. Thought they'd bite me toes!

I had so much fun that day. We were on the Washington side, and we'd troll down, fishing, and then race up to Illwaco and begin again. Had a blast!

I can just imagine my neighbor doing that, today. It's that sort of day. I'm envious!

But, I have plenty to dream about...

There were bad memories, too. 911 was one of these days. Let's not go there.

Today, I'm resting. I'm feeling kind of "beady". I think I'll get out my Swarovski crystal beads and do something artsy. I want to make an iphone case in a paisley pattern.

Today, at 90 degrees and perhaps higher, I think it's an inside air conditioning type day!

You know, since I'm not at B-10!

September 8, 2014

Yesterday I rolled up my sleeves, and got to work. It was so hard to just throw away good strawberry plants, but man oh man! They had taken over! I had no garden space left in my largest raised garden! Don't get me wrong. I didn't waste even one of those strawberries. Still, I just had to make room for things I hadn't been able to grow before. Things like butternut squash, acorn squash, and even a pumpkin, if I wanted one! (Or several!)

No one was home but Willie and I, and the day seemed cool enough to do a bit of work.

You know, it hasn't been cool enough to do anything but sit in the air conditioning and worry about my electric bill!

It was a relief to get something done.

But, with each pull of a plant, I sighed. I had never had this good of luck with anything, and here I was pulling them out. Killing them! I'm a strawberry killer!

Good thing, though, that strawberries are easy to pull. Even in the Oregon City soil, which resembles cement more than any soil I've ever seen, they came out with an easy pull.
Their little trailing starts had barely taken root. These are the ones you want to save for re planting. You know, 10 miles down the road in Canby, we have the most fertile, soft and beautiful soil you have ever seen. I was in 4-H gardening as a kid.

But, up on the hill in Oregon City... yep. We have cement, pre mixed and ready for your use, right there in your yard!

If that's the case, though, how come my fence posts aren't staying steady?!

No matter what, you can't win with this stuff!

Each year, I add compost. Amend, amend, amend. I remember our gardening teacher tell us what to do with hard clay soil. Some day... SOME day I'm going to have real garden soil in them thar beds!

I read carefully. You are supposed to run your mower over the berry patch on high, so that you don't disrupt the crowns. Now how am I supposed to get my mower up on raised beds? Same with my tiller! (You know, if I had one!)

After you mow, you are supposed to till between the rows. First, we have no darn rows and second, I have no darn tiller. It's one solid patch! But, even so, I'd like to create rows. That is, if I could get a tiller up in the bed in the first place! It would seem so easy if it were on flat ground! I think, with this soil though, we'd need a jack hammer instead of a tiller. (Ha ha)

I guess I won't mow them, and I'll just end up hand pulling the strawberries out of where I want my rows (to goes.)

There is half of the bed that I just don't want strawbs, so that's the part I worked on, yesterday. I cleared it! Such a good feeling when I was done!

All of those little strawberries are in my compost heap ready, either to pull out and plant in pots to gift to friends, or to break down for soil for next year. Either way, they'll be used! I feel like putting out a sign. "Come pull your own strawberry plants!"

That's one way to make rows! Seriously, if you want any Strawberry plants, (and they are Hoods- the good ones!), PM me on the board or use the contact us form and come on over! Would love to meet you, and send you on your way with a smile and some strawbs!

I have so much strawberry jam that everyone in the household asks me where all the rubber maid containers are! Why, they are in the freezer, full of freezer jam! Oops!

When you finish the jam, you get a prize! A Rubber Maid container!

I keep blocking it out of my mind that it would be so, so easy to buy a flat of Hoods each year.
Block. Block. Block that thought out. This is much more fun. Right?

It really is Fall, isn't it? Wow, but how did that happen!?

I'm not sure, but I'm beginning to like it!

September 9, 2014

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

I'm going to get some things off my chest, so that I can breathe. Then, I'll
be happier. I will! I promise!

So, here's the deal.

I was taught by a mentor of mine a couple rules of relationships. They were
meant for love relationships, but I find that they apply to every relationship.

One of them was this: "You may be able to affect change in someone, but
you probably won't be the beneficiary of that change."

So true with ifish! So true with family!

OK, back up.

Last night, my son David went to some grand opening of a release for some
video game. He is 26 and didn't grow out of the love for video games. In fact,
he is making it his business, somehow. He is going to school regarding gaming,
and by golly, he's doing really well at it! He is getting near a 4 point,
and learning how to code, and you know, he's really into it! I have always
been one to believe that you should do what you love. He's doing that, even
though "Mom" (That's me!) thought gaming was nothing but a fun waste
of time.

Well? So is fishing, and look at me with ifish.net!

One of the effects of being "into" gaming is the habit of said gamer
to stay up most of the night. I do not like this! I do not like this Sam I
am!! Partially, because I was raised to believe that one who stays up all
night is up to no good, but, mostly, because HE KEEPS ME UP, ALSO! And I require
a full nights darn sleep in order to be maternal peace keeper!

I was up past midnight. One of our computers is in the garage. My bedroom
must be accessed to go to the garage. Guess who waketh up, every time the
door to the garage opens? That would be meeee.

I try so hard not to lose my cool. I try to be the sweet Momma who loveth
their child no matter what. I try to be the peace keeper. I try to word things
as to not upset the apple cart. I am covered in apples.

OK, so much past midnite, I finally get to sleep. Then at 6:30 AM, I wake
up to some other door slamming. Grrrr. Willie the springer then, "waketh
thee up", licking my face.

Sweet Willie.... "NO! Go back to bed!" My temper further stirred
in my gut as I realized why I was so tired.

I was up and off to make coffee. The day was starting, even though it was
much too early, and my body knew it was lacking enough z's.

Last night, I asked of David but one thing. "Please, empty the dishwasher."
I even followed his rules. "No whining, no excuses, Mom, just please
ask me, and I will do it. No prob!" He doesn't like it when I say things
like, "David, I have emptied the dishwasher all week while you worked
and went to school. Would you do it this time?" Instead, he just wants
me to straight out ask. "David? Please empty the dishwasher." As
the maternal peace keeper, I followed his request.

The dish washer was clean and un emptied. Breathe, Mom, breathe. I felt words
wanting to scream out from my gut. I pushed them down and emptied the dish
washer. I'm one who likes to wake up to a clean kitchen. I like to gleefully
sing at night, "The kitchen is closed!" once I finish cleaning up
after dinner. It sparkles and shines, as I waltz off to my bed. Oh, my bed.
My sacred bed!

OK, coffee is made and I get to the computer. I open ifish, and no matter
how many years I have preached that the moderators do not approve nor read
every thread, I opened the screen to an alert regarding a post someone made
on ifish. It read something like, "Oh! Well I guess you guys approve
this, since it is still up!" It was clear that this long time member
was accusing us of seeing, knowing and approving of a thread we had never/ever
laid eyes upon!


Yes. This was the first time I had seen this alerted thread. Yes, it had probably
been up for days, and yes, it was STILL the first time I, or any of the mods
knew of this thread's existence. It was a thread calling someone else a partisan

First off, as a regular reading member of ifish, how many threads on ifish
are you unaware of? OK, now as a moderator, think about the following:

Moderators have one forum at the top of all forums. It is the foremost forum
where we spend our time. it is the moderating forum. It contains alerts from
members that need to be read and usually acted upon. There are probably at
least 20 alerts a day. Most often more, less often, less. Four or five moderators
must take care of these alerts, each day. We take care of them before we can
read any of ifish. Sometimes one alert can take days to solve!

Do you think we have time to actually read the ifish boards that we love?
Nope! Not normally! Those days are gone! I used to be a part of my ifish community,
but when you moderate, you take the oath to help the other members to enjoy
the board.

That means to take away any arguments, problems, and try to fix things so
that others may enjoy a peaceful ifish community. We are, in affect, giving
back. In order to do so, we give up so much. People don't look at mods kindly,
most often. We are the police.

Very occasionally, we are able to enjoy and read and take part. It is those
times, though, that we are automatically trained to notice posts as we read,
that need to be alerted and taken care of.
Once again, I am pleading to the masses to know these things: When
you alert a problem, please know that we have not read it, nor approved it,
nor even most probably know it exists! So, don't blame us for "leaving
it there"! Don't tell us that you are upset at us for being inconsistent
because you got into trouble for something, and we are knowingly allowing
someone else to do the same. We didn't know they were doing it, unless you
tell us they are doing it!

It is my hope that after my job is done, that I may have affected some small
change, so that the moderators and members that come after me, may benefit
from any change that I have affected.

Because I sure as heck am not benefitting from any change! At least, yet!

As the maternal peace keeper of ifish, it is now recorded that I have lost
my temper. I hope that I find it, soon!

(David does, also!)

And just for fun, the other rule of relationships he taught me is this:

-Newton's 3rd law of motion also applies to relationships. For every action
there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So, what will it be?
Comments here! (and want to be a mod?)

September 13, 2014

Ugh. There is this time of day when I can't sit at my computer
to write, because the sun shines hard in my eyes, off to the left. Never thought
I'd be tired of the sunshine. Never, ever! Remember last winter, when we are
all bluesing over the rain and clouds, wishing for sunshine? If only we had
sunshine, life would be better! Remember?

If only...

I'm so excited about the new Cabelas! I'm going to go visit it, soon! What
will life be like with a new store like that to go to?

Frankly, I'll always be a Fisherman's gal, but there are just some things
that Fisherman's doesn't carry that I'll be able to drool over at Cabelas.
Oh, boy. New things that I don't need to drool over, I'll be drooling and
dreaming of!

I was watching this video of this gal who comes to 'de clutter' people's homes,
and one thing she said really hit me. Well, two things.

She goes through and finds your files, and starts throwing out electric bills
and such. "Get rid of these! They are online!" Hm. They are! I have
kept every power bill since I've been getting them! So, I'm going to go through
my old utility bills and I'm going to throw them out! Yikes, but that seems
scary to me, but I'm going to do it!

But, that was the second thing that hit me. The number one thing that hit
me was regarding catalogues. I love me a good catalogue! And when Cabelas
came out with the hardback "bathroom" edition, I thought I'd died
and gone to heaven.

But, about catalogues she said, "Get rid of them! All they have are things
that you don't need to think about, and certainly don't need to buy!"
Wha? I mean.. uh... Wha? We aren't supposed to dream?

You know. She's right.

Dreaming only puts us into that phase of thinking "if only I had this,
I'd be happy." It's not quite that basic, but when you think about it,
it kind of is! I find things I didn't even think of that I turn into needs.
If only I had that one jacket right there, I'd be warmer in the boat. It would
be lighter, and less wet, soggy material for my body to carry around. I'd
hurt less! Right? Must buy it! I'm going to look forward through each "bad"
day until I have it! Then, my days will all be good! You know, as soon as
I have that jacket I didn't know I needed!

Bill and I are both die hard jacket lovers. Coat lovers. Sweatshirt lovers.
Anything warm lovers! You should see our coat racks! What's worse than loving
them is having too many to justify buying a new one!

But, back to the dreaming- I'm really seriously trying to get that kind of
thinking out of my head. Why can't I just realize that every day is a good
day, and I don't need anything but myself to be happy! Darnit! Why can't I
get that through my head?

"Today is the day that the Lord hath made! Let us be glad in rejoice
in it!" You know?!

And the sun is shining, just as I'd wished it would be! So, I have all that
I need and all that I'd wished for, last winter!

As the morning sunshine streams in and hits me hard, my brow begins to sweat.

Maybe I don't need a jacket after all. Maybe a new tee shirt, and perhaps
a black out curtain for that window. I wonder if Cabelas carries black out
curtains. Because, if I had a blackout curtain, I'd be happy for the rest
of my days.

Haha! I just said that to make a point! (Kind of...)

September 14, 2014

Sent to me:
Don's celebration of
will be at Good Shepherd Church in Boring Oregon on Saturday, September
20th at 10 AM.

All ifishers are welcome to come and celebrate!. Don loved ifish and everyone
involved in it I hope see you there!

(Snip, personal)

Thank you,

Ryan, Joyce, Daniel, Linda and the rest of the Pultz family

Sadly, I have added Don to the casting
memories area of ifish
. I cannot believe this. I simply cannot believe

I cannot understand how people get by in life, without our Heavenly Father.
What point is there, without Jesus?

I actually have much respect for those that don't believe. I can't imagine
being strong enough to endure the things we do, without hope.

Oh! I want a bumper sticker that says something like this:

"Ha Ha, Satan! I know how the story ends!"

16, 2014

Ever wonder what it would be like to be out on the ocean during
a Tsunami? A thread was posted on Salty Dogs about that, just yesterday.
Cascadia Quake
While at Sea!

I have added the link to the entire page about it, on the marine/info
links page
, always at the top of every ifish page.

Anyhowwwww, I'm off to the coast! FINALLY! I'm so excited!
"Willie! Let's go to the river!"

20, 2014

I spent a bit of time this morning updating the Data/Marine
page on ifish. Do you even know (you probably do!) that some of the links
were from 2004?! That's hilarious to me, but probably not so much to those
who use it! At the very least, though, I know that the main links folks normally
use were available, there.

I cleaned it up, though, and it looks mucha betta! Not only that, but the
links work! Yay!

It's beautiful here, today! Just beautiful!

Yesterday, Willie and I went to our favorite "private" beach. I
better not talk about how private it is, or those darn ifishers will take
it over. You know how they are about hot spots! (JOKE).

The thing is, and the entire reason I began ifish is so that others can enjoy
nice places! Both to fish in, and to enjoy their life in! Cracks me up, darnit,
that people don't seem to understand that life is short, and we'd better make
certain one another have a darn good time while we are here. Otherwise, we
are going to be living around a bunch of grouches!

Not only that, but the number one most important thing about sharing your
private hot spots with others, is that they in turn will learn to love these
places! If they catch fish somewhere that you love, they are going to be the
first ones to help you when these places are at risk of closure, or in need
of boat ramp repairs, etc. Those very people you cringed at, when you saw
them, will be the first in line at meetings to help you keep these fishing
areas open for fishing! Ever think of that?! I'll tell you, many years ago,
Bill Monroe shed that clarity with me, and it washed over me like a girl who
had just had cataract surgery! I could see! I understood it most clearly!
Yes, Mr. Monroe! You are right!

Do me a favor. Think about it! Don't be a galoot! You don't really have to
have eye surgery to see that this is true!

So, if you want a day to relax, enjoy, and spend time with
your dog or kids, go to Garibaldi, cross the tracks, and where the bathrooms,
showers, and fish cleaning station is, there is a road that goes all the way
down to the bay. Take that, and park at the end.

Walk towards the bay beach and enjoy!

It's really, really lovely there! I like to take a book and hide amongst the
driftwood while Willie plays!

Make sure if you aren't the only one there, that your dog is leashed and under

September 21, 2014

Bill asked, "Have you ever seen the river so low?"
I said, "Of course, Bill." I giggled, and studied his face to see
if he, too, remembered years back, one low water summer. Over and over, on
the way home from fishing, every single time we passed a certain spot on the
roadway, Bill or I would ask that same question to each other. We'd laugh
as we said it. "Have you ever, ever seen the river so low?!"

And so my answer came as a matter of habit, rather than an actual answer.
I hadn't been to the river, yet, as I had arrived just minutes before. I had
yet to really think about it.

Yesterday, I set out to see for myself. I took a walk up the river bed. The
heat was excessive for normal beach weather, as I pulled layer after layer
of clothes off. The proof of how many of these overly hot days we have had
were proven by the rocks, under my feet. There was an unusually wide expanse
of walkable area. Indeed, Bill. I have NEVER seen the river this low! It was
no joke!

You know what river rocks normally act like, right? Of course! They are bumpy,
lumpy, slippery boulders that 'rock' and roll with the *waters
current, and they are difficult to walk on. That's why I had found a stick-staff
to keep my upright! River rocks rock and roll under your feet. Not these!

The river once rushed over the rocks that were now totally stuck and stable
in the summer sun. They were seemingly glued together, under my feet.

The Kilchis "river" was but one small and stagnant stream of water
over to the other side of the river bed. Perhaps five feet wide, at the widest!

My mind kept rushing back to the flooded Kilchis river days! Pictures of that
river snapped through my mind. Amazing, what changes a river endures!

So, where, really does the water go? I felt like a two year old, asking myself
this question. I did have to think about it. So first, there is no rain in
the mountains that feed the river. Some of it had evaporated, and the rest
sunk into the ground, and with it, sucked those rocks tight into the hardened
and cracked earth. While that residual water sucked into the earth, the glue
like algae and growths dried those otherwise tumbling rocks together like

Fact was, I didn't need a walking stick! The rocks lay flat to the earth like
a winding driveway into the forest. It was exciting, really, to think I could
follow this river up into the hills, forever and ever and ever!

The walking was so easy that I ended up much further than I should have gone.
I forgot that I can't walk far, physically! Oops! I had passed my friend Margie's
home on the other side of the river, where I normally cannot go on a regular
winter river's day!

So I found a shaded tree and sat down to regain enough energy to make my way

Willie, still full of it, came to my side where there was a sandy pit, and
began to dig. I have yet to find the end of that dog's energy! I have tried!

I'm ready for the rain. I think I have finally had my fill of summer. Thing
is, I love sunshine, but the sunshine offered this year has been a bit too
intense for me! It's been sunny, yes, but too darn hot to even enjoy! Everything
is dried and parched, and that describes my feet and my elbows, too!

Twice, yesterday, I was ready to jump in a cool shower! That just goes to
show, those of us living in the Pac Northwest, we need our water! Lots and
lots and lots of water! And if we can't have it, darnit, we take showers!

In one rush of a Pacific Northwest rainfall, those rocks that are now cemented
together will loosen and tumble, once more. The driveway will be no more,
and the only way up or down will be by driftboat.

I will once more tumble and fall on the river bed, if I don't carry a stick-staff!
Now, doesn't that image sound like a better option for a river bed?

What is amazing to me, is that fish will fill that dried roadway! Life, where
there is now nearly none! Water, water, water, tumbling over Volkswagen sized
boulders, and fish everywhere!

Salmon and Steelhead and cutthroat will use that abundance of river water
to get up into the forest, and unlike me, they will do it, without ever getting
the least bit tired!

You know... Willie is a bit like those fish! I have often been amazed at the
endurance of a salmon, fighting its way upstream. Yeah! Forever energy! Just
like Willie!

At the end of my walk, sweating, and way over heated, I sat down in a huff,
and looked at Bill.

:"Bill? Have you ever seen the river that low?"

His laugh was immediate. No doubt. He remembers!

*(By the way, I could NOT
figure out if the word "waters" current should have an apostrophe
or not!) Can you tell
I think not,
as I am speaking of water as plural.

September 24, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I need a good thunder and lightning storm.
I could always relate to Joan Baez' storm poem.

Sometimes I get lonesome for a storm. A full blown storm where
everything changes. The sky goes through four days in an hour, the trees wail,
little animals skitter in the mud and everything gets dark and goes completely

But it is really God - playing music in his favorite cathedral in heaven -
shattering stained glass - playing a gigantic organ - thundering on the keys
- perfect harmony - perfect joy.

A good storm doesn't do all of that for me, but it does clear
my head and cleans the air. (And the air in my head!)

That is, of course, unless the lightning strikes too close...

One day, way back when I was first married, I experienced a strong thunderstorm.
They say Pisces people either love or hate water. It is kind of like that
for me, but with both, it isn't love or hate. It's love and

I don't "do" astrological signs or horrible-scopes, really, but
I do find some thing oddly accurate about them. Thunder storms excite me,
but at the same time, they horrify me.

This particular storm was a doozy. I loved it, up until I hated it.

We lived in Otis, and Jeff worked as a Chef at the Otis Cafe. That particular
Fall, the storms had been going right up the valley from the coast, to Salem.
They went right over our home, passing by, full of anger, thunder and lightning
nearly nightly.

But this one? Oh, my. This one was right over our heads, and it was mean!

It was so intense that we could feel our hair standing on end! We huddled
together on the bed in our rented mobile home on the Salmon river.

We looked out the window at one point and saw lightning actually hit the road,
and skitter down it, sparking violently every 10 feet or so.

On one side of our mobile home was the Salmon river, and on the other side,
the road. All around us was were tall trees.

In our yard, stood a particularly large old growth conifer.

It was the middle of the night, I began to hate more than love this storm.
I asked Jeff to please go get me a Tylenol PM out of the bathroom. Our electricity
was out, and I couldn't see to find them. Plus, I didn't want to leave the
safety of the bed.

I took the pill, thanking Jeff from the bottom of my heart, and almost immediately
a sort of calm washed over me.

Jeff said, "I think it's over." Just that second, the loudest of
booms hit. We later found that it was the tree in our front yard. It was blown
to smithereens!

And then, it was quiet. I felt yet more of the oddly comforting medicine lull
me to calm.

In the morning, we found that not only was our tree splintered all over the
yard with "toothpicks" the size for The Jolly Green Giant, but several
neighbors had holes in their roofs! There was damage everywhere. A tree had
fallen into a small trailer with people in it, and luckily, they escaped any

The night before last, I was sound asleep, pretty early. It was 9:15 and I
had zonked out watching a program. I was startled awake by both Bill coming
up the stairs and a flash of white, along with a terrorizing boom. I didn't
know which had woken me, but I was woken!

It was a thunderstorm closer to us than the one I had experienced in Otis.
The thunder and lightning hit at precisely the same time, about 10 times in
a row. It was so frighteningly loud that even Rev, who has no fear whatsoever
of loud guns, was shaking like a leaf.

Willie surprisingly didn't care much at all!

I kind of liked it... I think with all the close calls to death that I've
had, I'm a little less afraid of things like this. It was more amazing to
me, than anything. But, had it endured much longer than it did, I think it
would have eventually scared me. But, ten minutes into it, it stopped as quickly
as it had started.

It was exciting, all in all!

The minute the last strike hit, our phones rang. And rang. And rang. Not the
way they usually do, but one constant ringggggggggggg. Forever. It would.
Not. Stop.

Then, of course, our ADT alarm went off. And off. And off!

Figuring our phone lines had been damaged, we disconnected everything and
finally went to bed.

With the change in the weather, and the rumors that thunder and lightning
were good for the bite, I was excited that fishing might be excellent the
next day! You know how barometric changes can turn the fish on, or off?

Well, we didn't end up going, but we did hear after the day's end, that the
fishing was incredibly slow that day. I felt a bit better about that report,
as I had been upset that we had not gone fishing. It's a bit of a consolation
prize when you you can't go fishing, and then find you didn't miss much!

That night, two nights ago, I didn't sleep well. I didn't have any Tylenol
PM, nor anything else, really, meant for sleep.

Not that it really works, or anything.

The morning after that awful storm in Otis. I slept like a log, and I went
to again thank Jeff for bringing me the Tylenol PM that had done its magic
during a time of intense stress.

I reached over to the night stand to pick up the bottle and put it away. I
thanked Jeff, as I noticed the label on the bottle.

"Excedrin". Huh? I asked for... Tylenol

I read the ingredients. "aspirin and.... caffeine".

Oh, the power of the mind.

Perhaps that is why I find horoscopes oddly accurate!

September 26, 2014

The time is here! The Kwikfish Contest for 2015 has begun! Get your design in! I can't wait to see what people decide on, this year!

I'm back in the city. It's time to get some things done, so that I can get back home!

September 29, 2014

At 6 AM this morning, Willie barked and woke me from a deep sleep. The TV was still blaring, or seemed like it, anyhow. Normal television listening levels seem like blaring in the quiet of the wee hours of morning.

It was our new roommate, Collin, and his dog Satie, going out for their morning ritual.

Aghhh. Morning came all too soon, today.

I had set the coffee for him for about this time. Early morning or not, it was time to get up.

It was 19 year old Collin's first day of school at Clackamas Community College. He is a friend of David's from work.

I feel for the guy. He wanted his dog with him, and I don't blame him one bit. It was turning out, though, at least the first day, to be more hassle than it was comfort.

Satie is an eight year old half lab/half dobie mix.

She has sure been through confusion, these last couple weeks.

Collin went to visit his Grandma for a week, prior to his arrival here and had to have Satie in a kennel. So she started this venture off on an unfamiliar-uncomfortable foot.

Previously living in Salem, Collin and Satie then came to live with us, further confusing the dog's life.

It's heart breaking that we can't communicate with dogs, better. How many times have I wished they spoke our language? To reassure them when we leave them at the vet, that we will come to get them! That this is something that is in their best interest? That we are doing it, because we love them!?

The other day I had to take Sergeant Pepper to the vet. Sargie was Andrew's cat. I didn't want another cat, as I already had Molly the fishing cat. At the time, I told Andrew, "This is YOUR cat: your responsibility.

Things don't always turn out the way we plan.

If you remember, Sargie and Molly did not get along!

Sargie did not like the vet one bit, but on the way home, after paying $150 for something he didn't want, I promised him, out loud as we drove home, that he was now pronounced my cat. I promised him that I would take care of his every need from that day forward. Like it or not! I spoke to him, as if he understood. More importantly, I think I was promising myself. Sargie probably preferred that Andrew come back, and I told him that I would prefer that, also.

If we could communicate better with animals, we could tell Satie, "Sweetie, Collin is at work, tonight. He'll be home soon. He hasn't dumped you to live with us. He will be back. We are your friends, and we want to help you adjust, here."

Nope. Satie suspiciously peered at us, like she wasn't quite sure she were good people.
I'd try to pat her head, and she'd duck. She didn't believe, by our eyes, that her beloved owner would ever come back, again. I hate that! So frustrating!

At one point, David, being a dog lover himself, reached down to pat Satie on the backside. He accidentally hit a sore hot spot she had developed in the kennel, and Satie yelped, growled, and then turned around and nipped David.

Uh oh.

Biting is not OK. Ever.

At the same time, we all knew that Satie was just panicked, heart broken and confused. Also, dogs in pain are prone to bite.

But, who were these people surrounding her? Where was her real home, the friendly kitty she lived with and cuddled with? Where was "Mom" who always took care of her when Collin was gone? Everything familiar to her had changed.

Things seemed to be settling down a bit about 10 pm. An hour before Collin was to get home from work, when a loud scuffle crashed and slipped across the wood floors, and stopped with a bang at the doggy door. Satie can't fit through that doggy door, but thank goodness Sargie could!

Collin and Satie are living in Andrew's room. A room where Sargie still takes refuge. I guess Sargie jumped up on the bed in there to find Satie resting, and things exploded into a flying, skitter-scattering cat and dog fur fling.

Satie normally likes cats. Sargie normally does not like anything, but especially, surprise dogs.

Pheh. Stress.

Sargie would then not come home, and poor Satie was further nerve wracked and filled with mistrust.

Finally, Collin came through the door and Satie was never so glad to see him.

I had to tell Collin that things indeed, were rather stressful while he was gone. I wanted so badly to reassure him that everything would be fine, but I was tired, frustrated and did I say tired?

Earlier in the day, we both had hope that it would work. Willie and Satie had played together. We thought maybe... maybe everything was going to be OK!

By last night, though, whether it was that we were all tired or what, our minds were doubting.

Things were not only stressful for the animals, but for me, thinking I was going to have to deal with the issues when Colin was at school.

Collin was also going through a stressful time. Just too many changes for too many involved. Collin had just moved from home. He's 19, just starting out. A new home. A new school. Everything was new for everyone and every pet.

Without my saying much, Collin said to me, "I think I'll have to take Satie back to my Mom's. She misses her. I thought I'd have more time for her, but with work and school, I'm realizing that my time for her is limited, here. Satie just doesn't seem happy."


At about midnite, I restlessly fell asleep, obviously, with the TV still on. Don't like it when I do that!

How hard for him to want your dog with you, but yet to realize that the best for the dog, is probably with Mom.
I felt very deeply for this young man. I wanted to give him a hug, like he was my own son, even though I had just met him. Life is just hard!

Sargie finally snuck home and crawled up into the rafters in the garage. If only I could tell Sargie that this dog actually likes cats. I saw a picture before they moved in of Satie curled up with the house cat! I saw it myself! Maybe I should show Sargie that pic! :)

Willie earlier had fun playing with Satie, but later, when Satie tried to come near the bed that Willie and I were sleeping on, Willie gave Satie a deep warning growl.
I scolded Wille. "No!" If only I could tell Willie that just because Satie moved in, it doesn't mean that I don't love Willie. I have enough love for both. But, do I have the patience? The energy? Oh, dear.

Things take time with animals. They would learn to get along. I know they would. If only we had time. If only our lives weren't so busy. If only...

If only I could adopt all the animals at the shelter. If only there weren't people that were cruel to animals. If only all animals had people that loved them as much as the people in this household. If only...

I really want to take Satie in the car back to Collin's Moms home. I offered, but Collin declined. I just so badly wanted to see Satie happy. I guess Collin does, too, and I don't blame him!

I just always want the 'happy ever after', and after 54 years of life, I should know that just doesn't always happen.
I'm glad, though, that I expect it to. I'm always going to expect it to. I'm never, ever going to stop expecting the best. "Expect a fish with every cast." (Stan Fagerstrom) Both in life, and in fishing.

I'm going to go let Satie out of her bedroom for a while, and see if I can get a wag out of her tail. Just one. And while I'm at it, I'm going to whisper in her ear. "Expect the best, Satie! It's going to be alright!" I hope she doesn't bite me!

If only dogs could talk.




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