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Seeking Unique Smoked Salmon Recipe

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If any of you have ever eaten the smoked salmon at one of the Hillstone Restaurant Group restaurants you know what I'm trying to recreate. It's not a dry texture and it's not lox. It's somewhere in between and in my mind it's perfection! My brother, who is a chef, says 12 hours at 90 degrees. Haven't tried it yet but that just seems like a ton of smoke. Was thinking maybe a sous vide & smoker combo?

Have purchased (and made) so much smoke salmon that is just dry as a bone. Got some from Tony's the other day and tossed it all!

Tips much appreciated!


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I have done the five cents one on here and it's awesome best I have ever had by far.
I'm sure it is. I'm looking for a completely different consistency.


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Just smoke to your liking, then finish it off in the oven. If you can get your oven to go that low. Check salmon every now and then until you reach the desired doneness. Or just call this restaurant and ask how they do it. Or go there and ask to speak with one of the chefs.
Of course I have called the restaurant! :) They don't give out their most popular recipes very often.
Actually I think this is what you're looking for check out this link
Probably more to it in order to get identical to Hillstone's but worth a try!
You would'nt have to apply smoke for the entire 12 hours.
I wonder what the benefit would be for 12 hours of 90 degree heat then? That's not enought to cook it right?
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