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Any suggestions.
Indeed, check out that thread cited by Sea Jypzee.

Right after that discussion I got my doc to prescribe some Scopace (Scopalamine) tablets. Initially I had some problems with the RX as the pharmacist had only heard about the patch, and the doc thought that's what I wanted too. But after referring them to the official IFish Physicians Reference for Seagoing Clients they understood what I wanted.

As somebody in that thread described, with the tablets you can control the dosage and use what you need according to the ocean's conditions. Some described the scopalamine as making them sleepy but I've really not encountered that. Some Red Bull and a thermos of hot tea keep me caffineated.

Staying hydrated is important in any activity to lessen fatigue and avoid headaches so we've always got plenty of water, Gatorade and Propel. And regular snacks too.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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