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Attention sturgeon derby contestants: I went to Scappoose Bay marina about 10PM tonight to scout for tomorrow. The parking lot and ramp are about 4" deep slush (very slick - I had a good time in the parking lot in my girlfriend's Subaru!), and the bay has about a 1/4" layer of ice over it. :depressed: May be possible in a 4X4 with a buddy's rig for backup towing power, but I just traded my 4X4 for an E-350 van.

Team "My kid can out-fish your honor student" is officially going snowboarding tomorrow, and we'll try to hit the river Sunday if the ramp looks better. Good luck to any of you with the guts to brave the mush tomorrow. :cheers:

Oops! I just saw C&E's post that the derby has been postponed. Well, have fun tomorrow anyway!

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