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Went out this morning with Woody. He was a pleasure to be around and great conversations took place. We told a lot fishing stories and stuff. :cheers:

Okay the fish gods smiled on me a little with rewarding me with a little fish. The smallest chinook I ever got. It measured twenty tree and a toird inches long and weighed a whopping 5 lbs. See pics below. None the less I am very greatful as that is the first fish for me for the BBq this year out the Sandy river of about 15 trips.

First pic of the Beautiful nature with the spring is all around you when you see these little geese swimming on by.

Second pic, I call this one taking turns riding on mommy's back.

Last but not least my prize for the day.

Amongst other things we saw out there today was a mink and a racoon from distance.

Anyways, Nature was great and fishing was even better.

:smile: Smily :smile:
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