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Well the SC fishing has been good at best! Lots of fish in the Coos, just not many biters.
Last week was awesome, we landed 18 fish in 3 trips.. 4 coho (3 hatchery) and 1 wild.. this week saw us only landing 8 fish in three trips.. 1 wild coho.. We are still seeing a lot of three year old Chinook.. 12-17 pounds.. however we did land a 5 year old #36 pound hen!

Here are a few pics from one of our latest trips..

and another

These are the, "average" size fish we have been catching in the Coos.

The Coquille is a totally different story! NO fish.. very few fish are being caught... not sure why?

The Rogue is loaded with Coho... I am planning on a trip down there next weekend.. we'll let you know how we do.

I have a few salmon rod specials..

These are New rods

(2) TH 1086s 9' 12-25# spinning rods black w/ silver inlay SicTi guides ($125 each)

(3) TH 965c 8' 10-25# 1 piece rods, great for back bouncing (my favorite steelie plug rods)
SicTi guides $130 each $20 shipping. wrapped in standard black.

(2) DEMO TH HS 1023c 8'6" 12-25# Hot Shot ords, great salmon drift rods, 2 piece rods, dark green w/ gold inlay. $125 +$15 shipping

I also have

(2) TH 1025c 8'6" 10-17# <these are the olive green Rainshadow blanks> absolutely beauitful, wrapped in matching green w/ gold inlay, sicti guides, $155

(4) TH 1084c 9' 8-12# standard guides, wapped in single colors.. $125 +$15 shipping

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