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Last night a meeting was held at the Salmon river Grange to discuss the issues that have arisen in the past decade surrounding the fall Chinook fishery on the Salmon River near Lincoln City Oregon. Although there are a multitude of particulars the main focus was Snagging, Poaching, Littering, Human Waste, Parking, and Harassment of Fishermen by other fishermen.

Results of last nights Salmon River Regulations meeting were the following:

This year there will be no requirement for Circle Hooks. Not enough data at this time to show that they can be effective at catching fish at the same time preventing snagging in this tidal fishery. Other proposed restrictions did not meet the criteria for “emergency changes” and thus will not be implemented. They may be proposed again net year depending upon how this year goes.

Sergeant Pearson, OSP, indicated that they will place a priority on enforcement but even with the recently re-acquired officer they are short handed. Many attending indicated that OSP should do more tag checks and be more visible. Less citation may be issued but if more people saw a law enforcement presence they would be less likely to do bad things.

Much discussion occurred on this subject. Funding of litter service was considered including a day use fee for the Cascade Head Scenic Research Area (it makes up most of the fishing area). A temporary solution may be to have S.O.L.V. provide trash bags and volunteers to pick up and take to the Salmon River Hatchery for disposal.

Human Waste…
There currently is a problem with people using the river bank as a toilet. As it is now the Forrest service as a temporary measure 4 years ago provided one portable toilet but does not have the funds or the mandate to provide more temporary or permanent facilities. If someone were to provide temporary portable toilets and placed them along the river the Forest Service would be forced to remove them. (If we placed them on pontoon platforms the Forest Service may have no recourse)

ODOT attended to address what they could and could not do. It is not ODOT’s responsibility for parking along 101. A suggestion was made that they should open up the Pixie-land area for parking.

Trying to make people get along on the river is just as difficult as trying to make people get along on computer bulletin board. No one had a brilliant idea, I thought the moderators here might have a suggestion?

The bottom line from last night is this, We fishermen need to form a group like the Friends of Salmon River Fishing and start applying for grants and lending support for Forest Service improvements or by the next biennium we could see a reduction in salmon river programs or worse a complete closure for health reasons.

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I will post some pic's and input from the meeting tomorrow. Thanks for the report ***.

I believe you will see some improvement this year on the Salmon River. Sportsman are sick and tired of the going on's there and I believe they will take it back from the unethical, non-law abiding unsportsman like folks.

As *** pointed out there are a lot more problems than just snagging going on there.

Here is a reply to another ifisher from a different thread regarding "gigging" there which is legal and I have done in the past but jusy my thoughts and opinion.


No you don’t have to buy circle hooks and I am not sure of their effectiveness in tidewater. You mentioned gigging nooks. Too me that states the intention.

In Washington the definition of snagging is when the salmon is not willingly taking the hook.

Up to 2 years ago I did some “tight lining” in the Salmon River until a good friend of mine disagreed with me that Chinook weren’t biting the corkies. He told me to look at the lead after I caught a fish. I did and just as he had told me there were teeth marks (small scratches) running the direction of the line.

To be honest with you I started checking my lead after every fish and at least 9 out of 10 times there were the teeth marks.

Not condemning you for your gigging but if you want to be honest about it, it is just legalized snagging “in the chops” in the state of Oregon and is technically illegal in Washington. Washington has a severe snagging problem worse than here however but that probably goes hand in hand with massive hatcheries and hatchery fish.

Two years ago I started checking everybody’s lead after learning this and as was the case with me they were for the most part in denial until they saw the scratches. A few of the giggers already knew this and chose to use hollow core lead on their line so as it would slip through the nookers mouth easier. It didn’t matter whether they used hollow core, egg sinkers or cannon balls the teeth marks were there.

For the most part Chinook are running into the line with there mouths open and the angler just rips the line through there mouth until the hook comes through and hits home. I haven’t seen a tight liner or “gigger” yet that doesn’t foul hook a nook every now and then no matter how good they claim they are.

So you can stick to gigging or perhaps use a bait they will bite i.e. bobber and eggs, wobblers, and spinners. I’m sure there are other legitimate methods of catching these fish but those are the only methods that provoke a legitimate bite in tidewater that I am aware of. Bait plunked works also if you can get a salmon to take it before the bullheads do.

There will be some friends of mine fishing there this year using Wiggler’s for coho after showing them last year how well coho hit them while in tidewater. I discovered after they have been in tidewater for awhile and are not “fresh” fish any longer, they normally will only hit corkies usually with there backs, bellies and tails.

The problems with corkie fishing (besides they normally don’t bite them) is the large number of foul hooked fish. This can stress them out even killing them, kills a legitimate bobber bite, and fishermen loose valuable fishing time due to others fighting a foul hooked fish. Probably 50% of the Salmon River Chinook stocks are natural spawning fish and need to spawn. It was pointed out at the meeting last night by Neil the hatchery manager (or assistant manager?) that a lot of the chinook returning that have been “ripped” in the belly by corkies have bloodied eggs inside of them. Not a good thing.

*** Clerk was at the meeting also and posted a report on the meeting. I will add some pic’s and comments about the meeting tomorrow and possibly this reply.

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Dano by gigging in this reply I was referring to hooking. Gigging=Hooking, I know that it can mean a lot of different things including flossing! The intent with buying circle hooks was to see what my perceived effectiness is. I know how to floss, I know how to tightline, I know how to hook them in the mouth, although sometimes if you set out to hook them in the mouth there will be the times when they are hooked by other means. I really think that it is up to the angler and what he decides to do when he gets something going on down there, if they know the difference between a line rub, a fish getting the line caught in the maw or a fish actually bitting then they can choose to set the hook or not. With a great deal of thought and paying attention to what is happening prior to setting the hook the angler choosed whether to snag or hook the fish. I also want to try them bobber fishing.
Thanks for the concern,
MM :smile:
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