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salmon in portland

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have a friend who's cousin is visiting from holland and would like to try some salmon fishing, I know where to find the sturgeon anyone have any suggestions in the portland area to find some salmon that are willing to put up a fight??? thanks for any input
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[read in a spooky voice]: aarchiives, sseeaaarrrcccchhh theee aarrcchiivveessssss........

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hello I heard from a friend that he saw 10 fish caught down at the woodland area he him self brought home a 25 lber on sunday.
I will give you a tip without having to search the depths of Aarchiives. :grin: Most of the Columbia river has some chinook and lots of strugeon. I would start at the Cowlitz, Kalama and the Lewis. Anchor up and use some form of large salmon spinners during an out going tide. If all else fails, fish for strugeon.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*
If your friend is up to it, you should be hitting the Astoria area or Nehalem. Around portland, you've got the St. Helens area (mouth of the Lewis, wobblers, spinners), Gov Island (follow boats from Chinook landing), I have heard of fish being caught. Good luck catching fish, but going fishing is half the fun.
Sounds like your experience is limited when it comes to Salmon. Takes some time and effort to get to a point you catch them on a fairly regular basis. If you can afford it, maybe find a guide that isn't booked out. Great way to learn the hows and some of the where's. Good luck. Hope your friend goes home with some great memories.
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